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Chapter 40

-------------------- ( Third Person POV ) --------------------

She was gone.

Just like that Harley disappeared into the darkness, her fate unknown.

Detective Gavin stared in silent defeat as the darkness faded into the nothing. The symbols etched on the ground disappearing with it, as if never existing. All that was left were pools of hot wax, melted from the extreme heat of the flames they once held. The thin trails of smoke was drifting away into the light midnight breeze. The scent of burning candles laced the air as the pools of wax began to cool, the only sign of a demonic ritual taking place. Even that would soon fade away over time until nothing was left. Nothing left of the dark event that just took place moments ago. Nothing left of the demon lord called Slaiden who once stood there. Nothing left of a young woman named Harley. Nothing left. It was over, truly over.


The sound of thunder unexpectedly fills the air. Rain begins to fall. It's as if heaven itself is crying. Crying at the loss of a young women taken away from this world.


The light sound of a book closing catches Gavin's attention. His steel grey eyes turn to the silent boy standing across the roof. They lock eyes, hard grey meeting sullen brown. Jeff's face is impassive while Gavin's is one of resentment. While acknowledging the injured detective, Jeff doesn't say one word. Instead he tucks the book inside his jacket and turns his back to the pair. He just starts walking to the round auditorium roof a few yards away. By making his intent clear, Gavin springs to attention. "And where do you think you're going?" The detective asks coldly, rain falling all around them "We aren't done here, kid."

Jeff stops at the sound of the man's threatening voice. Instead of facing him, he glances over his shoulder. "I believe we are." He responds calmly, "You can't link me to anything and you know it. With all traces of me is being washed away by the rain, no one will know I was even here so I'm going home."

Hearing this makes the anger rise up inside Gavin. Taking a threatening step forward, he challenges the young man. "You're not going home, not if I have anything to do with it."

The boy is silent for a moment before replying. "You won't kill me." Jeff responds, "You think you can but we all know any bullet will be linked to you and your blood is downstairs. You're the only one with a weapon so you'll be arrested for the murder of Zack. My death would just reinforce this so no one will believe you."

"I don't care anymore." Gavin growls out. "I'll gladly rot behind bars as long as you're six feet under."

Trisha's eyes widen at this bold statement but she keeps quiet, unsure of what to say. She doesn't want to be blamed for Jeff's actions but she as well wants him to pay. She torn of what to do but what Jeff says next angers her.

"Harley wouldn't want that," He says boldly. "you behind bars. She hates me for what I did but I know she wouldn't want to see you two in prison because of her."

While both fuming in anger, neither Gavin or Trisha says a word. They both know the horrible boy speaks the truth. Harley would want to be the one to kill him and take the fall. She'd try to save them like always, like she did once already tonight. But she's gone and they may never see her again. All because of this heartless young man before them.

Seeing that his words have gotten to them, Jeff speaks once more, intending to end this. "See? You can't stop me. No one can. It's over...have a nice life."

With those parting words, Jeff begins to turn around. He's stopped short though when something catches his eyes. They widen in surprise at the small dark form running towards him. "What the fuck?..." are his only thoughts as the sight of a black cat comes into focus. A black cat with gold yellow eyes and a knife secured in its mouth. Suddenly it springs up, intent on attacking the confused young man. This action causes Jeff to react by jumping out of way. He's able to doge the offending feline but it's not finished yet. It leaps at him again, dagger ready to slash. This time Jeff counters it by using the book to hit it away. It makes contact. The knife is dislodged from the cat's mouth, landing a few feet away from Jeff. While the cat lands on its feet and prepares for another chance, Jeff reacts by going for the knife. The cat's eyes narrow at this and it releases a threatening yowl as it races to beat the boy to it. It's almost upon it when Jeff goes to swipes it away like before. Seeing this, the challenging cat changes tactics and goes for the book instead. It bites down onto it and yanks it out of the surprised boy's hand. The cat quickly turns and runs over to where Gavin and Trisha are standing.

"Hey!" Jeff yells as the cat dashes away with his book. Pissed off, he picks up the discarded weapon which causes Trisha to raise her gun. He glares at the cat then looks over at Gavin and Trisha through the cool rain, wanting an explanation. "What the fuck is going on?"

Gavin and Trisha's faces are ones of shock as well though, neither able to comprehend what just happened as the cat comes to rest in front of them, looking up with intelligent eyes. "A cat?...with a knife? What in th--…wait a minute… Harley mentioned her dreams having a cat like this in them…could…could it be real?" Gavin questions himself, perplexed at the turn of events. Looking from the cat to the boy, he gives an answer. "No idea," he replies then manages to puts on a slight smirk despite the earlier events. "but he obviously doesn't like you."

Jeff's eyes narrow in irritation. "Just give me the book."

The cat looks at Jeff with indifferent eyes, not willing to comply. It emphasizes this point by dropping the book at Gavin's feet then sitting next to it, staring back at Jeff as if to say, 'It's fine right here.'

"Fucking cat, thinks it's so smart stealing the book. It can't ev--…wait…a smart cat? Taking a book about demons?...It's him. The author that Slaiden told me about…and he's helping them…whatever. It's not like he can do anything. Time to get out of here." Jeff concludes, seeing what is actually going on. Pointing the knife at Gavin, he demands for the book a second time. "The book. Now."

Gavin slowly picks up the book, pained by his injuries, and challenges Jeff with a glare of his own. "You're in no place to make threats kid. We have the upper hand." He gestures to Trisha holding her gun. "Put the knife down and give up. You're coming with us. Now."

"Forget it." Jeff retorts. "You won't shoot anyway. You're too righteous otherwise you would've done it already."

This time it's Trisha who responds, looking threatening as the rain falls over her. "You're right, we are too righteous. That's what sets us apart from people like you. We may not be the ones to do it but one day, one day, you'll get what you deserve."

"God will be the judge of that." Jeff responds coldly.

As soon as those heavy words leave his lips, judgment is passed. The dark clouds above light up the sky as a blinding flash strikes down, connecting with the metal knife in Jeff's hands. He doesn't even have time to make a sound as the electricity surges through his body, stopping his heart. It's over in a second. Looking at the pair with a blank stare, the once vengeful young man falls forward, the knife falling from his grasp. It lands a few inches away with the tip pointed at him, it's dark symbolism clear to the witnesses.

A moment of stunned silence passes before anyone makes a move. The first to compose himself, Gavin looks to Trisha, his steel eyes becoming stoic after a brief moment of awe. "…..Let's go, Cal should be with Louis by now at the car."

Trisha looks back with stunned confusion. "…But...uh…the boy…" She trails off, perplexed at the detective's attitude.

Gavin looks back to the still body several yards away. "…He was right in the end. We weren't the ones to avenge Harley, that was done by a greater power. Regardless of what I believe, I can't deny this. He got his judgment."

Trisha just nods in agreement, accepting the fitting irony of it all. Even though most would perceive the boy's death as an accident, she knew in her heart that this was meant to be. A death most fitting for one who deals with demons. Letting out a tired sigh, she speaks. "Let's go then. The sooner we get patched up, the sooner we can call dispatch. At least now Jeff can be claimed the murderer with that knife."

"Yeah," Gavin agrees somberly. "I already got a story. It should get us dismissed quickly. We still have one more stop to make, after all."

"Right." Trisha says half heartedly as she starts to head to the door. "One more…."

Clutching the book, Gavin turns to follow. He starts to walk then stops short, remembering something. He looks back behind him, expecting to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes. "Huh? It's gone…" Gavin discovers. He searches for their strange ally but it's disappeared. Allowing a small smile to grace his lips, he nods to the night. "…thank you…"

( Two Hours Later )

*Ding* *Dong* Ding* *Dong*

The melody of the Collins' doorbell fill the air as a group of four wait on the front porch. Gavin and Trisha finally made it to the Collins' home. They had called the department shortly after Cal worked his medical magic on them. Within minutes the school property was packed with police officers, the chief being one of them. Cal disappeared with Gavin's dog in Harley's car as the three officers went to report to the chief. They told a story of how they had followed the age trend of past murder victims by scoping out local high schools. By chance during tonight's patrol they spotted what was thought to be a suspicious character. Following their gut, they found themselves interfering with a murder in progress. Shots were fired when the perp went after his vic with a knife. It would've been handled if the second floor hadn't collapsed, an explanation they didn't have yet. Summing it up, the perp got his vic, motive still unknown, then fled to the roof. They discovered his body moments before calling.

Thanks to Cal, their major injuries were well hidden, giving the appearance of a scuffle, not the demonic battle that actually took place. Despite this, Gavin's wrist was still noticeable which the chief ordered him to get checked out. He dismissed them, satisfied with their story for the time being. Whether it would hold up remains to be seen.

So here they were now, standing at the home of a lost friend. In honor of Harley, everyone involved wanted to be present for this difficult moment, feeling they all owed it to her to be there for her family. They all wait in silence as the overhead light flickers on and a form of a man can be seen walking to the door from inside. The door opens to reveal an alert Tom Collins, concerned as to why his doorbell is ringing at this late hour. Surveying the small group before him, he locks eyes with a young man with a broken wrist and questions, "Yes? Can I help you?"

( Moments Later )

The exhausted group frond themselves in the Collins' living room joined by Mrs. Collins and their son. Detective Gavin was finishing up his difficult tale, the tale of their brave daughter who fought a demon to save lives. "…Then Jeff met his end at the hand of mother nature. Lightning struck him dead right before our eyes. With that, we grabbed the book then came here at the request of Harley. She left a message for you all."

There had been mostly silence throughout the whole speech. The Collins' faces had worn several emotions but it was Mrs. Collins to break down first. The tears started to fall once she learned of the sacrifice her daughter made a few weeks ago. She didn't want to believe any of it, refusing too. Her husband kept her attentive by holding her close, telling her to let them finish. She forced herself to sit through the horrifying tale but she now wanted answers, answers she already knew but didn't want to admit. She cries as she forces the words out. "Are…are you…*sniff*…telling me that…*sniff*…my baby is gone? Taken away by a demon?"

Gavin looks at her with sad eyes, unable to answer the distraught mother. He wants to reassure this woman that her daughter is safe but he knows it's no use. Filling her with false hope would just make it worse. Nina Collins starts to sob harder at the detective's silence. Seeing he must say something, he takes her shaking hands. "I'm sorry about this, I really am. I wish I could tell you Harley's coming home soon but I can't. I have no idea what will happen to her and it kills me…She let him take her to save us. She wanted us to live even though she had to give up her freedom…I know this may be hard to believe and accept but Harley is the strongest person I know. I know in my heart that Harley will survive whatever fate has in store for her. She's a fighter til the end, I've seen it firsthand."

Nina cries into her husband's shoulder, letting the detective's words sink in. Tom comforts her, rubbing her shoulder as he looks at the group sitting on the couch. "I know she is…" He says quietly, "…*sigh*…Detective, you said she left a message?"

Gavin nods, taking out Harley's cell from his jacket pocket. "I'd like to hear it." Tom says as Gavin places it on the coffee table in front of them. "Not that I don't believe you all…I Just need to hear it from Harley…my daughter."

Everyone looks to the broken family in silent understanding, knowing that the only one who can put the family at ease is their own daughter. Resting his hand over the phone, Gavin looks to them. "This is the first time this will be heard. I hope this brings some sense of peace for you."

Without wasting another moment Gavin presses 'Talk' to play the message.


"…Mom, Dad, Jason, if you're listening to this then Detective Gavin De Niro and CSI Trisha Melrose must've filled you in on everything. I know it's a lot to take in and seems pretty unbelievable but it's all true, every word. I'm sorry I had to keep it from you and lie but I didn't have a choice. I had to protect you, I just had to. Gavin, Louis and Trisha were already in so deep, I couldn't risk putting you in danger. It's cuz I love you all so much, please understand that…"

"…*sigh*…I'm sorry it had to be this way. I really tried, I really did, to stop Slaiden!...but…I never saw this coming…*sniff*…I never thought Jeff would do that…*sniff*…I may not know what's going to happen to me but it doesn't matter as long as everyone else is safe. That's all I care about now, so please don't worry even though I know it's hard, Mom…*sniff*…I'll miss you, I'll miss you so much…"

"…*soft crying*…sorry…Dad, please don't do anything drastic, Jeff will get what's coming to him if he hasn't already. I just don't want anyone else to suffer because of him…You would've been so proud of me, Dad. To see me fight. I tried my best, all that you taught me…*sad laugh*…guess it was my downfall though since Slaiden liked it….."

"He won't for long though. I'm too tough to give up now, you raised me after all. I promise you all that I will find a way back, no matter how long it takes me! This isn't good bye forever! I will come home! I Promise! I love you all so much, with all my heart. Please be strong and keep living……maybe one day I'll be home…I love you…*Click*…"


Soft tears are slowly rolling down Tom Collins' face as he holds his wife and son. Even Jason who had been silent this whole time, lost in his own thoughts, was crying of the loss of his sister. Everyone in the room watches with compassion for the family as they morn over Harley. A moment passes before anyone speaks.

"Thank you." Tom says as he wipes a few tears away. "Thanks for trying to protect Harley. My baby girl means the world to me and it does give me a bit of comfort knowing how brave she is and that good people like you were there behind her…I just hope one day I get to hold her again, safe at home."

"You're welcome," Trisha says with a sad smile, "I hope she'll come back too. We all do."

"I'm going to make sure of it." Gavin says suddenly, his face hard in serious determination. Everyone looks to him in question, surprised by his bold statement. Seeing this, he stands up and elaborates. "Mr. Collins, I swear to you that I will do everything in my power to bring Harley back. She's not giving up so neither am I. Harley will come home, mark my words."

Tom looks at the battle worn man standing before him, speechless as to what to say. He doesn't need to though because someone beats him to it.

"Well hell man, don't think you're doing this without me." Cal says with a small smirk, determination in his eyes as well as he rises.

Gavin looks at his best friend with surprise but it quickly changes to show a hint of a smile. "Really?"

"Of course. I want Princess home just as much as you do. No way am I letting you take on the dark unknown by yourself. Hell, I missed out on enough action already, time to back my bud up. Besides," Cal replies, then adds with a hint of needed humor, "someone's got to patch your ass up after battling evil demons."

"Thanks Cal." Gavin says, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Harley would like that."

"Now hold on, boys." Trisha says, standing as well. "I'm in on this too."

"Yeah me too!" Louis adds with new found confidence.

Tom Collins looks up at the four people standing before him, a sense of admiration and appreciation shining in his brown eyes. Looking to both his wife and son, he sees they are feeling the same way. A small flicker of hope creeps into his heart. Taking a deep breath, he stands as well. Facing the group, his face is one of a determined father. "Count me in as well. I'm bringing me daughter home, even if I have to fight a few demons to do it. I won't let Slaiden have her, not while I'm alive."

"Tom…" Nina Collins whispers, gazing at her husband through teary eyes. "We're getting Harley back. My baby's coming home."

She then stands to hug him, along with Jason. Holding his family close and facing his new companions, he nods in confidence. "Yes, she is."

The once morbid room fills with the hope of one day seeing Harley's smiling face again, her final words echoing through her family's and friend's minds.

"…I love you…"

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