Setting: Northern France, August 3019

Dear God, It's Rhemy

The night was alive with crickets and fireflies when Rhemy ran outside to tell God what she thought about what He did earlier in the day a few centuries ago. The eight-year-old stopped in the middle of the berry bushes and stared upwards.

"God? Hey GOD! It's me! Remember? Rhemy Lucille Starrett! I'm – I'm eight years old and go to Crespelles School for the Gifted! Remember, because Mom and Dad said that You made me really special!" Rhemy stared up at the sky, expecting an answer, maybe in the form of thunder or a shooting star or something. There wasn't anything in the sky, but the streetlights on North Street flickered on, so Rhemy took it as a sign that God was listening. "Listen, God. Dad went… he went back in time to Germany 1944. I'm not stupid. I know that's Nazi Germany. And the people at the Ministry of Time…" She swallowed. There was a small group of fireflies under the apple tree, she noticed. "…they can't find his t-time machine."

She breathed deeply. "But God, Dad said he was going to take me to Normandy when he comes back, because he knows all about the beaches there. So – You gotta let him come back. Um…" Rhemy pulled her hair back and wished she had her ribbon to tie it up. "I thought about it and I think that maybe the sensor that lets the Ministry find the time machines broke somehow, because fact checkers don't always get very good time machines. So… the mission could be going just fine and he'll be back soon. Right?" Rhemy looked around for an answer. When nothing happened, she cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "RIGHT?"

Nothing but crickets and fireflies.

Rhemy wiped at her eyes with her fists. "Are You listening to me?" she shrieked. "My dad is missing down here! And he's the greatest dad in the universe!" Rhemy knew she was being subjective. She didn't care. "Please, You gotta let him come home. You just gotta. If he stays there, then it will cause a paradox. People from this century can't live in that one, right? Right. And You won't let time unravel! That'd undo everything in Your plan!" Rhemy laughed, though it was broken. "Remember… You said there's a plan for all of us."

The tree dropped an apple. Rhemy fell to her knees and whispered, "I want… I want my dad." She sniffed. "Give him back."

Poor Rhemy. And yeah, she is a genius. Literally.

Just some character development for NaNoWriMo. :) Have some e-brownies.