Hello, and welcome to the new-and-improved Legendarium!

What is the Legendarium, you ask? It's merely a place to keep the myths and legends of my conworld, Aytali. (Because creating and playing around with con-cultures is too much fun.) I decided to keep them all in one place instead of scattered about, for ease of organization, and so I didn't have to add a "Legendarium" note on each and every story. Hopefully these can be read without knowing anything about the cultures that originated them; mostly I'm writing them because they're fun to do.

So, enjoy!


The Syusya -- A monster from deep in the swamps has come to terrorize a small town. How can the people fight back, when they are lulled into an enchanted slumber? Complete, 2033 words.

The Six Isles -- A young man begins a quest to find a rare plant to cure his father's illness, and meets many strange tribes along the way. Incomplete, forthcoming.

The Ivory Gentleman -- When a traveler finds himself stranded on a dark and lonely road, a stranger's generous hospitality is greatly welcomed. However, there is something sinister about this kindly gentleman... Complete, 1,942 words.

Muck-Clad -- A vain and arrogant young man learns a lesson in humility. Forthcoming.

Walking Bones -- Betrayal can inspire even the most gentle soul to exact their revenge, even from beyond the veil of death... Forthcoming.

Dagger and Shell -- After his wife falls prey to an immortal hag, a man begins a quest to find the one weapon that can slay her and free his wife from the curse. Forthcoming.

More to come!