I'd recommend reading this while listening to the song by James Blunt - You're Beautiful. Here's a Youtube link if you don't have the song:

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You're Beautiful

Some things just doesn't change...

Five hours, seventeen minutes till sun down. I'm standing on the third platform waiting for the train to arrive. I have no destination in mind, I just thought I'd ride the train and get off at the farthest station.

Four hours, nineteen minutes till sun down. My train is here and slowly with steady steps I got on. I found a seat in the middle of the coach and sat down. I left everything... my phone, my work, my worries. Nothing matters right now because my life is brilliant.

I watched the people as the train stops and go at different stations. Four hours till sun down, I found her. She sat down on the seat adjacent mine and smiled to me as a greeting. Up till then, I've never believed what people say as 'love at first sight'. My exact words when one of my friends told me he fell in love at first sight were "There's no way you can call that love. You don't even know the girl! Who knows what she's like? It's just your mind playing tricks on you."

My thoughts then were that love was an inconvenience, a distraction and a waste of time and money. It's a disease caused by hormone imbalance, stress and frustration. With all that said, I stayed away from love. Love is something that wasn't for me and does not hold my interest.

Now I see that I was wrong. Love is something wonderful. Love is beautiful and that love at first sight does exist.

I know staring is rude but I couldn't take my eyes away from her. She is... for lack of words, simply beautiful. Her flowing black hair that dances with the wind, those enticing black orbs that I wish are looking at me, her lovely lips and angelic voice that I wish are saying sweet nothings in my ear and those hands that are holding... his. How lucky that guy is to have an angel by his side.

You're beautiful, it's true... and I wish you could be mine.

My heart beats like it never did before and my hands cold for the first time from nervousness, how wonderful this feeling is! I would never have thought that I could experience this in my whole life time, however, how can love have such a bad timing?

She have him and I... we could never be together since we'll never see each other again.

Three hours, forty minutes till sun down. She stood up together with him and our eyes met for the second time. She's standing there looking at me while waiting for the train to stop. I sat there looking at her overjoyed from our eye contact, all the while, dreading the time she'll disembark. Finally, the train halted and he grabbed her hand. Our moment is gone, as is she, but I'm sure that this moment will last till the end.

Three hours, seven minutes till sun down. Two more station till the last stop. She plagues my mind and my heart is out of my control.

Two hours, fifty five minutes till sun down. The train reached the end of its journey. Using the pole as a support I stood up and got off the train together with a few people.

Two hours, thirty minutes till sun down. I'm walking towards a park I on the hill. Looking around, I recognise this place. This was my hometown. Funny how that worked, eh? I didn't mean to go here; I never wanted to come back here, yet here I am, walking idly around.

Ah! This park brings back memories!

On that swing over there, was where I used to go whenever my mother will kick me out of the house. If we go further into the park there should be a clock tower... there you go! When I was young that was where I always meet up with my dad after school, he would always be standing next to it waiting for me every day till that day our house burned.

But I guess this is it. Maybe, I'll try waiting...

maybe he'll come...

like before.

Thirty minutes till sun down. I keep seeing her face in front of me. An angel must be smiling at me now, while thinking that she and I should be together but alas, time is running out. We can never be together. That is... the cruel... truth... something... I should accept.


Are you... not... com...ing... to... get... me?





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