So, the inspiration for this little monologue type thing, is that my brother is not on good terms with my father, because he does a lot of crap that he shouldn't do that pretty much pegs him as a jerk. And I always forgive him for doing this stuff, and my brother always asks the question underlined below. So! Late one night, while I was running through possible scenes in possible stories because I'm normal like that, and I began monologing and this is what came up. . .

(No, my dad is not dead.)

So, read and enjoy. :)

Why Do You Let Him Get Away With That Stuff?


Because I just don't think that it's worth it.

Yeah, he hasn't been the best in the world, but I just don't like to hold on to things. . . because no one guarantees tomorrow.

I mean, in the long run, is it really going to matter?

Let's say that you're on the phone with him, and you're upset with him about something and before you hang up, you don't say, "I love you. Good bye." And then, after he hangs up, something happens to him. He gets in a car crash on the freeway, or someone tries to steal his car and he ends up getting shot.

You won't even know that he's dead until your family gets a call from the hospital.

And then, it doesn't really matter that he grounded you from your video games, or that he made you take out the trash when it was your sister's turn, or even that he didn't buy you things when he should have.

All that really matters is the fact that the last time you spoke to him, the last time you had a chance to say, "I love you, Dad"; you didn't.

And of course, after he's dead, you'll tell yourself: "He knew that I loved him," and "I was just angry, I had a right to be angry," and "I didn't know that he was going to die." But no matter how many times you tell yourself these things, no matter how hard you try believing them. . . You still won't. You'll still feel horrible. And you will for the rest of your life. . .

So, I don't hold grudges over stupid things.

Because, to me, it's just not worth it.

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