You held me in your arms,

A stranger's arms

And we laughed, joking and telling stories

As you stroked my hair

And ran your fingers down my back like it was an old habit.

I listened to your strong heart beat faster

Then slow down again.

As I closed my eyes and whispered good night,

You kissed me, lightly, sweetly on the cheek

Where my lips ended.

I smiled

At first I thought it was a dream when I woke to feel you holding me tightly

Like you were afraid I would slip away like a shadow

I pretended to be asleep as your lips hungrily grazed my hair

But it was too late-

I don't know what you did to me

But I was aching

Burning to kiss you back

I tried not to

I really did

It was too much

I couldn't stand that sweet, painful ache

And found my face getting closer

Til our lips met

And we clung to each other for dear life.

I could feel him tremble

I wondered if it was from the pleasure of succumbing to that ache

Like the way I was feeling

Or if he was trying to hold himself back

Like I had been a moment ago

But I didn't wonder for long

It didn't matter

As the kisses slowed

He stroked my hair gently

I felt the chills run down my spine

As his breath tickled my neck and our breathing slowed down.

How did he make me feel this way?

I thought to myself as I drifted to sleep

How could a kiss with a stranger feel so pure?

So right…

Did I find what I have been looking for in the arms of a stranger?