Frightened faces sworm the room

Showing fears of certain doom,

Gasoline upon fire,

Exploding flames rising higher,

Death hanging in the air,

A frightening odor everywhere.

People staring up in fright

Staring speechless at death's sight,

Praying to god to save them

Hoping he doesn't plan to condemn

Them all to certain death,

Force them to breathe their last breath.

To their horror,

God doesn't respond

As if their plea didn't reach him.

The angered man beats them all,

And no mommy do they call.

For he beats them to death,

They breathe their last breath.

The man laughs and forgets it all,

In gulps of strong alcohol.

No one remembers or ever will know

What happened to the dead kids

Marked by graves row on row.