The sound of the wind,
when I'm going to sleep.
the sound of the birds with nice little tweets

the sounds of the country back home in Texas,
the sound of my mother in the kitchen making breakfast,

at night i could hear the coyotes,
howling at each other,
along with the sound of the creek and my brother in float-es,

my dad drives down the road,
the sounds of it always takes me back back when i was happiest,
and i wanted was right there,

i miss the sound of swaying trees and my horse running up to me,
i miss all my friends,
its like what i miss never ends,

I want to go back to my home,
my family always said I'm not the type to roam,

this is not where i belong,
i cant stand the sound of cars,
i miss the old country song,

i made music out of the sounds,
now i can't wait till I'm homeward bound,
i miss the birds waking me up,
and the coyotes putting me to sleep,

what i want in life is back where I'm from,
the people here don't believe what i've done,
they don't know what there missing,
the life here isn't what i need,

my home is back in the country,
here in the city doesn't feel right,
the sounds out here arn't what i know,
i want to go back, back to my home...