Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.
Warnings: Suicide, angst.
A.N: This isn't betated. All errors are mine.

I've found a world where love and dreams and darkness all collide,
Maybe this time, we can leave our broken world behind.
We'll be together again,
All just a dream in the end.

-"Together Again" Evanescence

They told me I am at the prime of my life at twenty-two. That's also the reason I gave everyone for my absence. I worked hard at a dead-end waitressing job just to get by. I decided to take a week off, and flew back to Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. I stayed at a cutesy bed and breakfast in a town called Montauk, which is near the shoreline of the Long Island Sound.

I told Rick, my best friend, that I would be going back home for a week to go sight-seeing. He asked me if I would be okay alone, because he knew my history with Bipolar. I smiled sadly at him, while I told him I would be fine. Besides, he has Rachael now. He won't notice my absence, I thought bitterly at the time. Even after Rick and I broke up I never got over him.

I walked the rocky, seething shoreline remembering Hope, my baby sister. She died while swimming in the ocean, while I was babysitting her; a riptide swept her out to sea. My parents said it wasn't my fault, and they didn't blame me even slightly. It was a tragic accident. It didn't matter, I never got over her death nine years ago; I always replayed it inside my head, and wished it was me instead. I didn't deserve to live.

I was near the lighthouse. The crash of the waves against the rocky cliff was thundering, and spelled out my fate. The bitter, salty smell made me want to vomit my last supper of spaghetti and meatballs. If I did this right, there would be no evidence of my death. They would assume I just wondered off and never came home; I would be at most a Missing Person. I would be forgotten like a sand castle washed away by the waves.

I stared out across the pissed-off ocean. They told me God condemned those who took their own life, but it's okay for I don't believe in God. I believe in Hope though, because she was real. I closed my eyes, and evoked her: those solemn brown eyes, blonde hair in pigtails, and mom always dressed her in pink t-shirts and blue jeans.

Hope called out to me like a siren to a lost sailor. I saw us together again: me pushing her on a swing-set in heaven. I felt her tiny hand holding mine from the other side. My Love, nothing will keep me from your side any longer.

I ran off the cliff without another thought. The water seized my violently, and slammed me hard into the cliff. I swallowed water, and felt myself sink deeper and being pulled away by strong hands. My lungs screamed for oxygen, but I ignored their selfish needs. My vision soon started to grey at the edges, and I felt something soar out of my chest in the shape of a black bird. It flew towards the blinding, white light. I heard Hope giggle, as she held out her finger for the bird to land on.

"Welcome home Devyn," Hope said, while smiling.