God, please have mercy on me and let this house have aspirin or a painkiller of some sort.

Last night was crazy- at least from what I can remember. Which goes a little like this: hot girls, booze and getting totally trashed after a few rounds of beer pong and then stumbling home with Wes. If I hooked up with someone I just hoped I used a condom. I mean I wouldn't wanna be a baby daddy,now would I?

"Maybe I'll find some food to mix in with the meds…," I mutter while scratching my stomach.

Mom likes to keep first aid stuff in the kitchen...painkillers count as first aid, right?

I rummage through the drawer next to the fridge. Yes! I kiss the Tylenol in relief. There is a God.

As I open up the fridge I hear a loud banging noise and I wince. I choose to ignore the sound as I open a bottle of water, pop two pills in my mouth, and chug down half the water.

"Mom! Where's the painkillers?!" It's a feminine voice and I'm pretty sure it doesn't belong to Weston.

Well look here, Pretty girl at 10 o' clock.

"I didn't know girls follow me home," I chuckle. She opens her eyes and they're as wide as tennis balls.

"Who are you?" Her voice comes out a bit frightened.

"Who am I? Who are you? This is my house- well it's rented,but still."

"I'm Dacey…damn it! All these houses look the same…," she grumbles.

"Yeah, especially that pink house across the street and lets not forget the one that has bird statues in front." I roll my eyes, either she needs glasses or she's a bit off her rocker.

"Well, not like I inspect the lawns! And if this isn't my house I'll just go then," she huffs.

"Hey wait were you-," I start.

Weston chooses that moment to walk in. His eyes probably crusted shut and his hands are feeling his way around, touching my chest and arms in the process. I've always been the tallest of the familia. He finds the bottle of Tylenol and struggles to open it. I pop the cap for him and he digs out two and takes my bottle and leaves without a word. He sure is walking dead when he's hungover.

When I look over at this Dacey girl, her eyes are even wider than when she saw me. Does that mean my brother is hotter? Cause he's always been the uglier one.... at least to me.

Now getting a good look at her, she's got a good-scratch that-great body. Curves in all the right places and skinny but not repulsively so. Big, bright eyes that seem greenish-bluish-er-uh, brownish? Some sort of mix of them all and long pretty lashes. And by the look of that tan, looks like she got in beach time too.

I snap out of my thoughts when she speaks up, "Who's that?"

"Just my older brother- the uglier one if I must say," I make sure to point out.

"Uh, What's his name?"

"Weston-but look- if you wanna date him he's already taken."

"Oh... GOD! Oh god, oh god, oh god!" She starts panicking. Her hands are in her hair and she looks as if she'll rip our her hair.


"Nothing, you're a stranger, why should I tell you?" She says suddenly getting defensive.

"Hey, you're the one who walking into my house," I retort. Then I think about it. "Say, were you at that party like, 20 minutes away from here? You look...hungover and a mess."

"Gee thanks," she says sarcastically "But yeah, I think so…"

Okay let's be a big boy and paste the clues together like in blues clue- contact your inner Steve.

She's hung-over

She went to the party last night

She panicked upon seeing my brother

She's a little crazy

Probably has some sort of seeing issue and

She's smoking hot

"You slept with my brother, didn't you?"

Her cheeks flush a deep red color that makes her look like a tomato(a hot tomato). She blinks so many times it's kinda making me dizzy.

"W-What? No!," she manages to stutter out.


She sighs, "Fine! Fine maybe I did. But don't tell him!Or his girlfriend."

"Why not?" I smile, I could have some fun with this, "And what makes you think he has a girlfriend? Maybe he has a boyfriend."

"It's not like a drunken hook up with people who are already in relationships is something you should brag about. Well, he slept with me, so unless you're saying I look manish, I'm guessing he's into girls."

"Aww, feelin' like a whore?"

"Jerk!" She scoffs.

I give her a hearty deep laugh, "You know,I could easily tell him 'hey bro! You don't remember, but this girl walked into our house this morning and you so screwed her last night! Was she any good?' see, easy? Also just as easy to say to his girlfriend."

Her eyes practically bulge out, "You're kidding me... right? Please don't say anything. I've been good all my life and if word gets back to my parents...I'll be screwed!" She pleads.

"I'll think about it," I say coyly-I don't plan on saying anything but she doesn't have to know, "So

where do you live? I'll drive you if you walked."

"1427 Maple Crest Drive, wait, I shouldn't have said that, now you'll stalk me."

"Yeah, of course," I smirk. "Looks like you're my next door neighbor."

"What?!" She kinda, more than freaked right now.

I wince, "Not so loud!" I remind her, rubbing my temples...hangovers suck. "This is 1425, you're the house next to us- the other people next to you are the ones with the bird statues."

"I was so close…sooo close, why do these house have to be like twins?...then this stupid guy threatens me, " she says to herself but loud enough for me to hear. Or is it just the hangover that makes it seem so loud?

She starts making her way out the door.

"Hey! That's rude, you know I could easily spill the beans," I pout.

She stops dead in her tracks and turns around slowly, "Okay fine."

"Don't cha wanna know my name?"

"Not really," she deadpans.

"Rude again! How about your family and my family have dinner, tonight, here?"

"Can't, busy," she says a bit snidely.

"Oh really? If you guys don't come then I guess I'll have plenty of time to spend with my brother…"

"Don't! Okay, fine, tomorrow night."

I beam at her like the Cheshire cat. She returns my gesture with a glare of her own.

"Are you sure? Because that's alllooottta time to…," I start again.

"Okay, okay, tonight! Jeez," she rolls her eyes and her hands go up in balls.

"Great." I grin like a mad man. What a fun night this'll be- far more memorable than last night.

Although this hangover is memory enough of that oh-so-smart night.

"I'm going home now... to sleep." She turns around and leaves and I don't stop her this time.

"By the way- I know your name...it's Beck- your brother mentioned you last night."

"Did he really…?" Interesting.

I suppose I should feel like the scum of the earth, blackmailing an innocent (cough,cough) girl like that.

Ah, my conscious ran away a loonng time ago.