Dacey is just too entertaining.

"Okay, so when are you going to leave?"She asks impatiently- clearly irritated that her plan didn't work out too well.

"You know you're quite a terrible girlfriend- maybe I could teach you a thing or two…"

"Right, yeah I bet you've had soo much experience being a girlfriend."

"I'm hot enough to turn guys gay so why not?" I shrug.

"You're so full of yourself," she says while rolling her eyes at me.

"And you don't catch on."

She sighs painfully, "You know you have to take me out on a date before I become your girlfriend."

"That's not what we'll be telling your family and mine." I smirk- I think torturing her about Weston will be very beneficial.

"And what exactly are your motives behind this?" She asks rather incredulously as she crosses her arms.

"Simply because I can." I smirk and leave. What a mysterious exit, eh?

"Hey! Wait!" Dacey calls after me. I saunter down the stairs as I see her parents sitting at the table laughing.

"Dacey! Dear! You're boyfriend is a charming boy." Her mother giggles.

"Oh god mom- he's no-," I give her a look and she imediatly closes that big mouth of hers.

"Thanks Mrs. Fitzpatrick," I put a teasing arm around her shoulders, "Can't wait till you guys come over."

"I,uh- can't wait either…," Dacey adds through clenched teeth. She's as stiff as a bored. Oh the satisfaction. Bothering her is almost as fun as sex- almost- but a lot easier. She get's pissed off by the littlest things. I bet I could drop a crumb and she'd snap- which is just perfect.

"You know," Her father gives me a slight suspicious glance, "Meeting our new neighbors for the summer will sure be a treat." He seems a little sarcastic but then also slightly happy. I get that's where Dacey gets it from.

"Well I better be off and get ready- plus I should give you guys some time too. Of course Dacey is already beautiful." I grin as I give her a kiss on the cheek. She hits my lower back and forces a smile.

I laugh lightly before I salute the Fitzpatricks before I walk right out the door.

I lay in my bed with my arms crossed behind my head just staring at the ceiling. Hrm, tomorrow I think I'll go to the beach, maybe eat out- maybe I should grab Dacey and bring her along. She'd be hot to see at the beach- but then she might scare off the other hot girls. But then I'll scare off the hot guys from her…I think that keeping Dacey from getting laid should be a goal for this summer. Ugh, ew, she already screwed my brother that's nasty.

God, all three of us were at the same party and yet she chose him over me? Preposterous- I'm the better looking one and I'm also the more charming one. Let's face it- I don't get why my brother has a girlfriend and why they lasted for three years. He's a bit boring- too serious. Of course she's boring too so I kind of get it now.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Weston chose that moment to take a stroll through my room.

"Hey Beck." Weston greets as he sits on the corner of my bed.

"Sup bro,"I greet back a bit sourly. This whole Weston and Dacey thing is killing my ego, what can I say?

"Heard we're having dinner with your girlfriend/the neighbors."

"Yep," I sit up, "Maybe you've seen her." I inwardly grin. If only you knew, big brother, if only you knew.

"Meh, maybe. So what's up with the girlfriend thing? You never have a girlfriend," Weston states a bit skeptically.

"Maybe that's why I have one now- for the experience and all." I shrug. I usually have third dates and maybe fourth dates but after that I drop 'em like an egg. I'm not the serious type and I get easily bored of girls.

"Well its good man, you need a steady girl in your life."

I snort, "Yeah."

I mean, I guess, Dacey will be steady in my life, you know, untill summers end.

Weston pats my leg and gets up, "Change, they'll be here soon and if you walk down without a shirt then mom will flip and her dad won't like you."

Good point, "Got it."

Wes leaves and I rummage through my luggage and find a red polo and I put on some loose skinny jeans.

"Done." I saw to myself and shrug.

Hrm, guess it's nap time.


"AGH!" I shout as I'm being attacked by a pillow, "Mom!"

"Get up! They're here! And we've been calling you for ages, don't be rude. I like them for once, unlike our neighbors back home."

"God, their daughter is so creepy and gross."

"Weston!" She chasties, but I know she knows I'm right. "Now get your lazy ass up!"

I comply and we walk out and I find Weston making Dacey laugh. Oh. now we can't have this happening, now can we?

I ruffle my hair and smirk as I sit down between them and give Dacey a kiss on the cheek. I watch in amusement as her mood changes abruptly. She clenches her hand into a fist and I smirk again.

"So how'd you two meet?" My mom asks. She blushes and blinks a lot which makes me smile. I bet she thinks I'll say something about her and Wes.

"It was rather unusual, but when I first saw her, I knew I had to have her." I cock my eyebrow and it looks like Dacey is trying to contain her anger. Sweet.

"Yeah, he really had his ways of getting a girl to date him- he's stubborn."

"He sure is." My whole family says together. I give them a weird look; I'm not that stubborn.

Her parents look rather amused and our moms talk and our dads and then Weston just sits there.

"So, Weston, tell me about your girlfriend." Dacey brings up- does she like him? She better not like him.

"Oh, her name is Amanda and she's just great, she's sweet and smart and…"

Weston just goes on and on about her and Dacey listens but I bet she doesn't care that much, I don't even care that much.

Blah, blah, blahhhh, at this point I'm just leaning against the arm of the chair and play with a loose string on my shirt.

"How about we go eat some dinner?" My mom suggest, rather too happily.

"Great, Carol dear-" Her mom says and they start getting engaged in conversation again. Everyone else passes by and I grab Dacey while she's talking to Weston.

"Getting rather close with my big brother there, oh wait you've-"

"Beck, don't you…"

"Fine, fine," I smile, "I'm just bored, we can't talk normally with everyone around."

"Normally?! We don't talk normally anyway-!"

"Well, at least I don't have to watch what I say around everyone. With just you and me I can say whatever."

"Yeah, cause you're blackmailing me." She pouts.

"Details, wanna head to the beach tomorrow? Or even at this rate, tonight?"

"Uh, no thanks."

"Come on Dace."

"Are you still blackmailing me?"


"Fine. Tomorrow."

"Great," I smirk as we walk into the dinner or torture.

I pull out Dacey's chair then sit down across from her, "So Dace it was nice you to give me a visit this morning," I say rather sweetly.

Dacey's face turn bright red, "Uh, yeah…" I notice that her grip tightens on the fork.

"Really? I didn't see her." Weston adds.

"Oh, yeah you were a little out of it." I smirk. Her jaw drops a little bit.

"You know-,"I start in attempt to bother her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, where do you guys live when you're not here?" Dacey cuts me off as the blush fades away.

I smirk and take a sip of my water. The sweet taste of success.

A/N: So? Thoughts?

Just to clarify, the chapters alternate perspectives between the two main characters, Beck and Dacey. Odd is Beck and even is Dacey. This is a collab between Rockin' and BabyDollAndGiantFreak and this is BDAGF speaking at the momento (like the abbreviation?)

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