I am the witness. I am the watcher. I am the Shepherd of the celestial kingdom. All things that have passed in the Universe, the great backdrop, I have seen. Floating from system to system, star to star; I have seen. I have seen stars burst into oblivion leaving nothing but a hole into the abyss. I have seen unimaginable masses fall from unimaginable heights. I have seen all. But none of these sights compare to the adventures and misadventures of the beings on a tiny speck of blue earth.

These beings are capable of things that are foreign to me. Their will to do what is right confuses me as does their will to do evil. I have watched them live, love and destroy. Throughout time and space, there has not been life so unpredictable. The things they fight for seem trivial to me but to them these things are deeper, more valuable. Money, land, love, morals: these things mean nothing to me.

Love is the single thing that puzzles me most. The connections between these beings are more real than anything that has been seen in this Universe. They would give their lives for each other – and they do. The love between the offspring for its parent is unconditional. The love between mates transcends simple reproduction. They enjoy the company of one another – another concept foreign to me.

It makes me sad because they are all doomed. They live everyday with the thought that it could be their last. Yet they live on. Death looms behind every corner. Yet they live on. They know their eventual fate. Yet they live on. And in this state of damnation, they are strong. The monotony of immortality is pale comparison to these being's lives.

I am the Shepherd of the celestial kingdom. I am the watcher. I am the witness. I can never be one of them. I can never live. I can never die. I can never love. I can never be loved. I can never be...Human.