Cause she can't fall on love,' cause this is who she is and this is all she knows- Aria POV

The thing about the world is that the majority of people in the world, will judge you on your appearance. Which, is why I hate going out but I guess my love of toying with people is what makes me want to get out- and well it's a part of my job.

I'm Queen Aria- the Queen of Hearts and no I'm not like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Sure I'm short and have dark hair but that's the only common feature besides the pale skin. I'm five foot five- which makes me the shortest Royal there is. I don't have a temper but I'm not nice- I'm a bitch. Plain and simple.

Now you see my job is rather complicated because I don't just sit around and meditate like the Queen of Peace and I don't sit around like the Queen of Life. I mingle around with the outside world, I toy with hearts, I break hearts and I match up hearts and I find soul mates. And maybe I'm a bit twisted because I don't like to match up people who should be together- for a few reasons. It's your job to fucking find the right person but I help make it easier and if it's almost impossible for you two to get together then a little card will show up. Another reason is that I like to play with people's emotions and the final one is that I like to make things tougher for the King of Broken Hearts.

I've never met the King of Broken Hearts but I hear his looks rival mine. He's my opposite and let's just say that I wish our roles were reversed. I'd much rather be the Queen of Broken Hearts instead.

"Queen Aria!" My servant Amanda scurries over to the couch I'm sprawled out on. My castle has the whole Victorian theme- a crème colored couch laced with pure gold strands- extravagance if what I do.

"Yes?" I reply not bothering to move.

"A-a man is here to visit you."

"Who is it?"

"I didn't ask for a name."

I sneer at here and get up, stupid; she could've let in another stalker. I hear the sound of my heels clicking on the granite tiles and I storm through the doors to my throne room.

"A-Aria!" He stutters.

I raise my eyebrows and make a disgusted face, "Who are you?"

"I'm Darren! I-I left my wife for you, do you remember? I walked up to us while we were having dinner- you told me to buy her a gift for her birthday even though she said she didn't want one. I saw you- and-and I just-"

"No," I interrupt, "I told you to buy her a gift, you dumb ass. You can't leave her and you can't have me- you're an idiot to think that I'd want you." I scoff. I guess he got a card.

See, often people get cards when they fall in love with me because being with me is impossible for us to be together- it's a flaw that I've been meaning to fix.

"Please! I'd do anything for you!" he begs.

"Leave. Me. Alone. You're an idiot, you're ugly and you're pathetic- not worth my time. Go back to your wife- you're soul mate before she realizes that you aren't worth it." I stomp out of the room – stupid! She's his god damned soul mate and yet he'll drop it for a gorgeous young woman. It's sad how people can and will screw up their relationships so easily.

"Amanda!" I scream in a bratty like manner.

"Yes my lady?" She replies timidly.

"Get that man out of my castle!" I sneer as I cross my arms and plop down onto the couch with a warm feeling of satisfaction.

Another victim to visit the King of Broken Hearts.

I wonder what he looks like. According to the law of clichés opposites attract so I wonder if he's attracted to me. Of course I've never met him but I'd like to. I'd love the satisfaction of crushing his heart. It's never happened before and it's actually possible for him so maybe if I was to meet him I'd make him fall in love then crush him. It'd be like I won the contest of love. At the thought I smirk as Amanda scampers in.

"Mi Lady." She bows and picks up around the room.


"Yes Aria?"

"Have you ever had your heart broken?"

"Haven't we all? Except the young and yourself." She gives me a gentle smile.

"Oh of course…"

"No one would even dare break your heart my Queen- plus you're the most gorgeous being ever created."

"Yeah…who was he? The one who broke your heart?" Sometimes the idea that I'm the most gorgeous being ever created saddens me. Beauty is only skin deep.

"He was my best friend, we lived across the street and we have a brief fling- then I ran away and never came back." Her voice doesn't waver and she sounds rather nonchalant.

I look down as a brief moment of sadness fills me. Maybe I should help her…

"Do you miss him?"

"What's with these questions Miss Aria?" She asks rather surprised.

"I don't know…so uh do you?" I reply a bit embarrassed.

"I guess, but if we were meant to be together then we will be. Anymore questions my Lady?"


"Okay, well I'll go do your laundry now. Chef Aaron shall be done with your dinner in a few hours, he just got back from the market."

"Okay." I bite my lip as she walks away. Even my help has been in love except I never bothered to ask and I've known them for what years? The thing is about them is that they except my eternal youth- in my part of the world it's a little less modern- classic mixed with modern age.

I've met the King of War and he has a map of the world, all the areas are different. The King of Broken Heart's is a modern busy city, with lights galore and technology beyond my years. I've got the medieval ages that aren't so medieval- but just as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. My favorite thing is the décor and gowns but then the flexibility of wearing jeans and a top that's seductive yet classy and electricity and indoor plumbing. I love how times have changed but then I hate how people have changed.

"Rhonda!" I shout, my voice getting slightly shrill.

Moments later the woman shuffles in with a pained expression, "Yes my Lady?"

Never been loved, never have loved, might as well be feared and heartless.

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