See the lights flashing on your TV screen
Watch the 2D characters play out their scenes
Watch them live their lives in their flat universe
And wonder.....

What if our lives are not what they seem
What if we are merely a television dream
for 4D people in a 4D universe
and wonder....

If life is but a play or a television show
who is the sadist who writes all we know?
Who decides how much hurt and pain and fear and strife
Each of us should have to handle in our troubled lives?

Maybe all the time we waste in fighting and in hating
Is decided by someone who only cares for ratings.

"But" you say, "that can't be so.
We are real, this I know.
Tell me this, if we aren't here
How come we have hope and fear?
Emotions make us who we are
we're not just played by TV stars"

But have you never seen a show
Where characters seem to be so
Real that you get confused
Which reality is true?

Why is it that the good ones suffer and are made to cry
Why is it that the best of us are always first to die?
If life is but a story or a play that has been written
As Heinlein said, what sadist would stop to kill a kitten?