Hello, guys... In preface, I'm sorry to do this to you all. For quite some time, I have felt that my novels have not been very safe here on FictionPress, considering that I know some of you guys copy and paste the text to read while you are out of wi-fi areas. Not that I think you guys are distributing my stories as your own, but I feel like it would be safer if I just transfer everything over to my Wattpad account. Wattpad has a feature where you aren't able to copy and paste text; therefore, it keeps my story from people who would like to plagiarize it. Especially since, I am seriously considering publishing my stories one day, I think this is the best way to go.

I am sorry to do this to you guys, you were my first audience, and you will all hold a special place in my heart.

If you all are still interested to see how this story pans out, you will be able to read it on Wattpad. Go to , create a login, and search out the titles of my stories and you are sure to find them there. I would encourage you guys to stick with my characters, but I feel as though it could potentially be harmful to my story.

I hope you guys don't hate me for it, but I need to think of the potential future of my novel. I hope you will respect that. Again, I have given you a way to still read it, if you will go to

Thank you for your continued support!


PS a link to my exact profile page on Wattpad is on my profile.

My Wattpad account name is amandapate