When I got up to clear the table, only having have eaten a third of the fish—which was shockingly filling—I noticed that things were lower to the ground than normal. I frowned and looked at the cupboards that usually reached me eye-level, and now they reached to my lips. I blinked in shock and jumped back. I put down the plate and glanced down at my feet to see if maybe I was wearing high-heels and had grown accustomed to them, but I had no shoes on. I walked to the bedroom where I had marked my height just for fun, grabbed a pencil and pressed against the doorframe. I marked my height and turned back around… I was taller than I had been when I marked the original marking… only a week ago! There was no way… I went to the fish and opened the plastic wrap but the man from before appeared out of nowhere.

"You are to have one wish a meal. Do not waste the fish. You have two wishes left." Then he disappeared again. Another shiver ran down my spine, but I listened to him of my own accord this time. I rewrapped the fish and put it in the fridge.

The next day, when I woke up, I decided I was hungry for salmon for breakfast. I pulled out the left overs from the night before and cut off exactly one-third of it and put the rest in the fridge. As I was about to put the fish in the microwave, I noticed the plate was warm. I touched the fish lightly and it was warm too. I frowned and got out a fork and took a little piece out of the fish, and it was perfect to eat right then. Straight out of the fridge? I blinked but went to the table to eat the fish. All night I had been considering what to wish for for my second wish. I decided to wish that my brothers and I wouldn't fight about anything anymore. So as I chewed the fish, I thought I wish my brothers and I always got along and never have any more fights. As soon as I swallowed the bite, there was a rumbling in my tummy and I took a deep breath. Just then the phone rang.

I put down my fork to answer the phone, and it was Jordan, my eldest brother. I tilted my head and we talked for hours, never having have fought or anything. Halfway into the conversation I was feeling full, so I was going to go put the leftovers away but the fish had disappeared, along with the plate it had been on. I frowned but shook my head, letting it go. I remained talking with Jordan for another twenty minutes before we hung up, and I was grinning. Not a single negative word. I liked this already.

I decided to call Anthony to see if I would have the same luck. The same thing happened. We talked for hours without incident. So by the time I got off the phone with Anthony, it was 6:30. I glanced at the clock and decided I'd eat dinner in an hour. I got on facebook and updated my status as "Hannah Chan is having some weird, but amazing things happening to her." I logged back off and walked around the house, wishing I had pets. But I only had one wish left, and I knew exactly what that wish was going to be.