What About the Manga Section?

I and others question
What about the manga section
A faux genre
No direction
Who's purpose escapes perception
I sense a deception
To draw those who write
Fan fiction
From that other site
Like smokers and moths
In search of a light
Seeking a place of brilliance
A radiant haven
Where original gems
Can form without pressure
Then sparkle and shimmer
While fanfics grow dimmer

The manga forums are a sight to behold
Both for the young and the anime old
In "Open Eyes" land
Each poster is special
We've all got our quirks
But it works

I don't need a Fifth of vodka to remember
Our sarcastic member of the avengers
Or an old Ex-Hero
Donning a mask
Having a blast
Hunting monsters and random hentai

Sometimes I wonder why
Chopsticks writes nonsense
Day and night
With eyes shut tight

Then there's the writer
Who rejoined the scene
Collegiate and published
Our beer pong queen

Unearthed relics
Post stories with speed
That borders on obscene
A master of writing
Lacking breaks in-between

Then there's Miss V
A Disney-loving teen
Who's as sweet as can be
But keeps typing "sp?"

Can't forget the newbies
Ryan the freshman
Plus eager Ryder

And the super girl in a cell
Breaking out of her shell
With a gentle ninja
And a failed agenda
To keep her gender hidden

Then there's me
The living dual die
Unshot rocket writer
The heart and Sol of our
Solar System-style forum
Full of misbehavior
By nature
But a savior slaying boredom

I'm an unique and cocky creature
Flawlessly imperfect
In my own stainless way
And never out of words to say

What about the manga section
My take
Anything fostering
A sense of creativity
And a desire to
Improve our abilities
Is fine by me

Author's Note:

A poem about my mates in our Manga section forum, just to see if I – Dice Darwin, non-poet – could do it. Written randomly with a smile. This was fun.