Kore's hands ran over the plants, tenderly. She sighed as she continued on to the next plant.

"Nada, see that the Roses are given more water," she said, looking at the young Nymph beside her. "They might wilt, if we are not careful enough."

"Yes, my lady," she answered.

Kore smiled down at her. The Nymphs were such strange creatures with blue skin and strange eyes of emeralds. Their hair was white, most of the time, sometimes bright blonde. Nada was young for a Nymph, being born only three circles. Nymphs grew faster and died earlier than humans did.

Kore hid a tremble. She did not like death, not that anyone did. However, she and her mother could not stand it. That is why Demeter made her home in this countryside. It was surrounded by large, densely forested mountains. The portal was the only way to go from one town to the other.

This was not a town. This was a large countryside, forest and lake with a manor about a mile from the forest. Only two families of Nymphs lived here, besides Demeter and Kore. They liked it that way.

Well, at least Demeter did. Kore had always lived this way; therefore, she had no other experience with other people. She never even knew her father.

Apostolos was her father. He had met Demeter in Olympus. Both fell in love and married. However, he grew sick and died when his wife was pregnant. Demeter soon found out that he was poisoned by an unknown member of the royal court. No one found out who it was. However, Apostolos was never liked on account of his views of the Maker.

It was her father that had chosen the name Persephone. However, Demeter changed it to Kore after his death.

It saddened Kore to see her mother so upset whenever she asked about her father. The girl wanted to know who he was and why her mother loved him. Demeter always looked on men with the bleakest outlook. She always told Kore to stay away from them and that they would always try to hurt her. It had to be true. Demeter's stories told her so. If it were so, though, how could her mother have let herself be married to Apostolos?

Life here was very good for Kore, though. She loved it. Since she and her mother were gifted with the ability to heal and keep things living, their fields and crops flourished. Kore particularly loved growing flowers. She had a garden all to herself, where she grew all types of flowers.

"Kore! Kore, come quickly!"

When she heard her name called, she ran as fast as her green dress would let her. Nada followed, seeming to glide over the grass, she ran so fast.

They reached the small manor in no time. It was made of gray stone and was only two stories. Many of the noble blood would see that as unhealthy living. However, it was living and there were those that lived in worse situations.

Demeter was standing at the door, waiting. Her dark hair was tied into a tight bun and she wore a black dress that covered her from neck to toe. Her look was very dark and narrowed.

"Mother, what is it," asked Kore, concerned.

The woman walked down the stairs and stood in front of her. "We have been summoned to Olympus."


"It is the thousandth Feast of Harvest since the Great War and King Zeus requests that I be there," she explained, rather distastefully. "We are to go."

The thought actually sounded exciting. Then again, Kore did not want to experience one of Demeter's stories. She grew uneasy about visiting the largest city in Olympia.

"We are forced to," she asked.

"I am Zeus' sister, Kore," sighed Demeter. "I must do this one thing for him. Then we will come back and will not have to deal with him again."

After a moment, Kore nodded. "As you wish, Mother."