Tonight we stand under the stars the two of us we.

One will ask "What is it now; what do you see?"

The other will answer that "It is not what I see but what I want from thee."

And the first will ask "What is it you want from thee if it is not what you see?"

The second will say "It is just a simple request

"Which is what I feel may be best.

"And what is best if it is such a simple request from thee.

A simple kiss is my wish a simple kiss from he."

And so they will kiss and have both of their wish for tonight they can see.

And so they stand under the moon look for the big spoon.

Neither seems to notice they get closer and closer,

their heartbeats seem to work together.

Their hands touch and their lips brush

And before long they both had a slight blush.

The boy pulled back his eyes shining, but his heart was whining.

He wanted to say how he felt, but wasn't sure where he should start.

The only problem was that they had just met

And neither was sure where the time went.

It seemed only short while ago they were just meeting and he wasn't going to show.

But now here the boy stood with his heart racing and knowing he should.

The boy who knew leaned down but this time whispered to her,

"I think I like you now more than before."

So now the boy just needed to know, if the girl had feelings to show.

He was wondering now but didn't want to ask for he was scared that things might seem to go to fast.

But his heart was saying to risk,

So he did just what with a flick of his wrist.

But now he just needed to know, did the girl have feelings she wanted to show?

It turned out as she leaned up to kiss him that she had a simple wish which was this:

"You're the one I adore and yes I have feelings to show if you must know,

I only wish that you harm not my heart, because I'm trusting you with every part."

And with that the boy smiled to the girl, he would never hurt her if that was her will.

For you see, the boy loved the girl. And the girl as it stated in her heart's will:

Loved the boy, and was truly unable to contain her joy.