One day a high school student named Chris Rivers was skipping math class just so he can hang out with his friends. Never the brightest tool in the shed, he would often mistaken a local hobo for a hippie, resulting in him to constantly berating him for being the "reason why we lost Vietnam" every time they met, unaware of the fact that the said hobo served in Vietnam. While standing at the hallway smoking cigarettes with his fellow class-cutting friends, Chris decides to get a snack. As he and his friends went to the vending machine, Chris suddenly realize that he didn't have any money with him as he had spend most of them earlier that morning on baseball cards hoping to find a rookie card for Jason Heyward (He lost the rest in a rigged cup game he came across on a street near the stand where people can buy illegal drugs). With that, he decides to borrow a money from his friend Ted whom he had known since second grade despite the fact that they have rather few things in common with each other, even hated each other's respective sports team.

"Hey Ted, mind if I borrow a dollar?" asked Chris

"Why the hell should I?" said Ted

"Just one dollar, I'll pay you ba--"

"No way man, you kept borrowing from me for the past few weeks and never paid me back, until you finally pay back the money you owed…"

Ted proceeds to flip off Chris who in return tries to shove him until Phillip comes in to break up the potential fight.

"Break it up, Ted it's just one dollar, I'm sure Chris will pay you back one day," said Phil

"What if he won't as usual?" said Ted

"C'mon, I promise I will pay you back!" said Chris

"Why don't you ask Phil?"

"His family's poor as hell, I seriously doubt he could even afford a penny let alone something out of a 99 cents store!"

"Hey, what the hell man?" Phil yells

"Sorry, as much as I like to disagree with are poor," said Ted

"Okay enough of that crap, anyway just let him borrow a dollar, it's not like it's a huge deal or anything," Phil sighs

"Yeah and besides, I will pay you back, I promise!" said Chris

"When?" Ted sighs

"Friday, that's when my boss at McDonald's gives the check for my weekly salary," said Chris

"Okay, you better keep your word or I swear I'll…"

And makes a threatening gesture by running his finger across his throat.

"Was that even necessary?" said Phil

Shaking his head, Chris inserts a dollar bill into the vending machine and chose "Snickers" bar. After entering the code number for the bar, suddenly the vending stops to an abrupt halt. Soon Chris starts kicking the vending machine while yelling "C'mon. c'mon…". Suddenly the machine begins to vibrate and the lights on the buttons starts to blink randomly. Fearing the worse, Chris quickly backs away worrying that the vending machine might blow up in any second. The machine starts to shake violently which at one point it appears to be jumping before finally slowing down to the relief and disappointment of the three class-cutters who thought that the vending machine might explode, giving them a sight to see in an otherwise boring day. But then few minutes later the machine stops working and the smoke starts to rise from the buttons.

"What just happened?" said Phil

"No idea, maybe there's a glitch or something," said Chris

"Whatever it is, we better get the hell out before someone thinks we trashed it!" said Ted

As they the friends begins to leave, suddenly the vending machine starts to work again. But then something went a muck as the class cutters watch in astonishment. As it happens, the lights went out on the buttons but the vending machine continues to make stirring noise.

"This can't be good…" said Chris

"That thing's looks like it's ready to blow, we really need to get the hell out of there before it's too late!" said Ted

It's too late as the three slackers stood there in shock and awe.

Wait a minute...why are they just standing there?

What the hell's going on? What happens next? Will they survive? More importantly, will Chris get his snack? Find out in the next chapter coming soon in several months from now!