That flickering light

Be you star or satellite?

What shines so brightly?

Can't stand stagnation

Life in a rut, nothing new

I want to live now

Blue shadows growing

Brown hillsides change hourly

Sunlight alchemy

The dull pain lingers

Agony of a sore tooth

I dare not bite down

Branches not yet bare

The sun burns through empty skies

Winter-cold desert

Sipping hot choc'late

The warmth spreads from throat to heart

Cozy by the fire

Here's an idea;

Let's make a hundred haiku

Wouldn't that be fun?

We can't all have peace

Just forget that hippy shit

Let's at least be kind

Two-thousand eight

Now is bright horizon

Have a great new year

Ooooh shit, I did it.

It took a year, but it's done;

One hundred haiku.