My sight,
In a fight
Are you there?" I ask;
It's always night
I see nothing of her heavenly eyes
I see nothing, everything is lies
All I see is a black abyss
As I ask, "what is this?"
I know my love is somewhere
Someone close, probably here
Beside me, in my hell
But I can't tell
I could hear, but I'm blind
I could feel, but I can't find
Anything worth looking for,
The remote sure,
But not my love
My pretty little dove,
The peace that keeps me trying,
The one that hears me crying.
I can't see her at all,
But I know she's there
Her name I call,
And she says, "Over here!"
She stands beside me,
Telling me all I can't see
She's my eyes
And her own
She deciphers the lies
That I've always known.
So even though I can't see
I have her beside me
And she's all I need
Okay, that's all, recede!