Chapter 1

One morning around 9:30 Lauren was just getting out of the shower and was getting dressed and ready for her day when her cell phone rings she picks it up and looks at it and smiles and flips it open

''Hi Stud.'' she says

''hey baby how are you today?'' Matthew asks hers

''I'm great how are you?'' she asks him

''I'm perfect. I had a really great time last night.'' he says to her

''you know what so did I.'' she ays and smiles

''good so does that mean there is a chance for a repeat amazing?'' he asks hers

''you know what I think you've earned it and I wish you didn't have to leave so early this morning. ''I had a really great time on our date last night I wish you could of stayed with me longer and was still here when I woke up'' she tells him

''I know I'm sorry baby I wish I could of been there too but I had a busy morning with errands to do and stuff but how about if I make it up to you today how about you let me take you our for lunch my treat I'll pay?'' he asks her

''oh I don't know if I can today'' she tells him

''what?!'' ''why baby?!'' he asks her

''because my sister is flying into LA this morning and I have to drive all the way over to LAX around 10:30 to pick her up around 11.'' she tells him

''oh well I really want to see you today'' he tells her

''same here I'm missing you like crazy would it be ok if my sister comes to lunch with us?'' she asks him

''sure the more the merrier! ''I'm looking forward to it see you around like 1:30-2 in West Hollywood somewhere?'' he asks her

''ok sure you find a place and we'll be there I'll call you when we are getting close and or you can call me to tell me where we can meet you'' she tells him

''ok bye baby see you this afternoon.'' he says and smiles

''ok bye'' she says and smiles and hangs up and grabs her pocketbook and goes downstairs and feeds her german shepard dog hanna before grabbing her pocketbook and coat and leaves the house and hopes in her truck and goes to buy a coffee at a nearby Starbucks before making her way to the airport to pick up her little sister.

At the airport Lauren sits and waits in the arriving flights parking area and plays a game on her cell phone before her sisters flight gets in and gets a call from her.

''Lauren Graham...'' Lauren answers

''hey!'' Maggie says

''hey you where are?!'' Lauren asks her happily

''just walking off the plane now and will be down in the baggage claim luggage area in about 10 minutes I'm gonna stop and use the ladies room first.'' Maggie tells her

''okay see you in 10.'' Lauren tells her and drives over to the airport and waits for Maggie and finally sees her and waves and lets her come to the truck and waits for her to get her luggage in the trunk then gets in the passanger seat.

''hey kido!'' Lauren says and kisses her cheek

''hey!'' Maggie says excitedly

''how are you sweetie?'' Lauren asks her

''good you?'' Maggie asks her

''good.'' Lauren tells her

''that's good.'' Maggie says

''yea.'' Lauren says and smiles