Chapter 1

In my dreams, I can see things. All I have to do is be thinking about something, or someone, as I fall asleep. In my dreams, I learn things about them, or if it's a person, I can see them. The images aren't always clear, neither are the sounds, but that's to be expected. After all, I am dreaming.

Throughout my whole childhood, I was told that my ability was normal. That everyone could do it. My parents were just trying to protect me from the truth. They told me it was called "stalking". But when I was fifteen, I discovered the truth.

A local troll (word for ignorant person, or person with a pathetically low level of intelligence), challenged me to a fight. There was some kind of disagreement involving money one of us owed the other, I can't remember the specifics. The day we set the fight to take place (at a local park) came, and I brought a small number of knives that I had sharpened personally, knowing that he was the type of person that would bring a weapon to a fight. Needless to say, the knives did not drink their fill of my opponents blood. He never showed up. The next day at school, I asked him what happened,

"A family emergency", he lied. "I can fight tomorrow", the next day came, he no-showed again. My knives remained thirsty. That day happened to be a Friday, so I had no contact with the troll over that weekend. Monday came, he had another lame excuse, he'd be able to fight the next day. Another no-show. That night, I used my ability I had been told was normal. I watched his entire day in my sleep. Just a normal day, got up, went to school, came home, did homework, ate dinner, played video games, and went to sleep.

Wednesday came, he coughed out another lame excuse. I told him that it was a load of crap, I watched his entire day. As you can imagine, this caused an uproar. The teacher (a long term substitute who had a mean temper, and had no capability to teach at all) accused me of stalking him, and, due to the lie my parents told me, I said,

"Yes, I stalked him. I don't know what your so upset about", this lead to them thinking my family had not taught me right from wrong. I was sent to counseling during my lunch the following day. It was there that I was asked to describe my definition of "stalking", they hit the roof. The next thing I knew, I was being interrogated by the freaking police, or FBI, or whatever. I can't keep it all straight.

They assumed that I had been using my power to listen in on government meetings or something like that, and that I was selling the governments secrets to terrorists. They made this conclusion by examining my CommunoPod bill, and saw that I regularly called one of my oldest friends that had moved to Ahkja Nevir two years before. I had to wake up at about 4:00 am to do it, because that's in the middle of the afternoon for them. They then diagnosed me as an insomniac and told me that I needed medication to solve it.

"What a pile of crap", I remember thinking when they told me this. I knew what they were up to. They would bribe some pill manufacturing fool to add an anesthetic to my so-called insomnia prescription, and reassure him he wouldn't get caught. They would then cut open my head to examine what made me unique. I told them this. They simply replied.

"Damn, this kids smart", what a troll. So instead, they did something worse. They took me away from my parents, accusing them of being bad parents for not telling me how special I was. It was four days later I was transported to a facility for people that had similar abilities to mine. I was fascinated to find that I was not alone, but still pissed.

These were the people that saw through their deception and exposed their superior knowledge to them. This was the facility built to withstand any kind of disaster, short only of a nuclear bomb. We were obviously extremely important to the government.

Chapter 2

The building was four stories tall...made of red brick that they tried to paint white, emphasis on tried. A pair of wide glass doors (no doubt bulletproof) sat at the entrance, like the transparent maw of a hideous red beast, awaiting the day when it's next victim crawls into it's mouth.

I was led, handcuffed, by two thick, burly men wearing shoulder holsters underneath their long, black overcoats. They each wore a name badge with a photo of them on it. There was a bar code beneath their names on the badge. From their right arms, each man held a black briefcase. Each of the men wore large sunglasses that went from just below their eyebrows, to their cheekbones. They were tinted a peculiar dark green, but you could only tell if you looked at them from behind. Their faces were tensed, they were deeply focused. "Strangely focused for such a simple job", I thought. But I dared not voice my thoughts. I had attempted to make conversation with the sentries during the ride here, and they responded with a sharp smack across my face.

As we approached the door, the man on my right extended his arm partially forward, and pressed a combination on the keypad. 24061. I made a mental note. "You never know when you might need to know this kind of stuff", I thought. The other guard looked at me as the door swung itself open. He knew I had memorized the number. As we entered the auspicious-looking building, a wave of cold air blasted me. "Just one of those bug things", I thought. My mothers work had one, to prevent the food that came in from being contaminated by bugs.

Several dozen units in front of us, down the long hallway, was a desk, with a seemingly ordinary receptionist sitting at it. She seemed bored out of her skull. The phones weren't ringing, and she had evidently gotten quite good at solitaire, and no longer found it entertaining. The sentry on my left wordlessly placed his briefcase on the desk. I was just beginning to wonder if they actually could speak, when he pulled out a few papers and said "Good afternoon Linda. Third new recruit in a month eh? Getting' crazy out there." his voice was a slow, thick, southern drawl, with a mix of a British accent. The receptionist pushed a few buttons on the keyboard in front of her, cleared her throat and made a reply that I was unable to hear.

The reason for this, was that in the room through the doorway to our right, a rather loud crackle of what sounded like thunder echoed. "Sounds like Zack's at it again.", the other man chuckled. "Or should I say 'Thor'?", at this, they all laughed. There was obviously some kind of inside joke I didn't know about here. Linda took the papers from the mans hand, put them in a machine, pointed in the direction of the door the sound had come from, and went back to being bored.

The men grabbed me by the wrists and ushered me towards the door. It was a pasty white with peeling paint. The wood beneath was a sickly shade of yellow, with wood grain engraved deep into it. Nasty.

The door swung open with a brain piercing creak. I didn't think it was possible for a door to make that much noise. As I later found out in a dream, it was a primitive device designed to let people know when someone went through.

But I was only distracted by the creak for a brief moment. What lay beyond the door was what was truly breathtaking.

It was a courtyard filled with attack dummies, brick walls that were placed in seemingly random places, training weapons on racks along the edges, but most of all, the people. There were people everywhere, there had to be fifty of them. I saw some that seemed to be no older then four years old, while others were in their sixties, still others were my age. And they were all doing incredible things. I saw a girl that was about five years old generate a strange ball of light that crackled with power, and hurled it at one of the attack dummies, which promptly burst into a magnificent red flame. A boy of about my age (who actually looked quite a lot like me) turned towards the flaming wreckage, held both arms out towards it, and a stream of supercooled air sprang from his hands like water out of a geyser. The stream froze the moisture in the air, creating particles of ice. Which then made unfriendly contact with the attack dummy. The dummy crashed to the floor, it looked like it had been blasted with a twelve gauge shotgun repeatedly. Around the pathetic heap of wood and straw lay several thousand specks of ice that made the ground sparkle as if the girl had been using glitter, not fire. A woman of about eighteen or so was back flipping off of, and climbing onto walls that were being created by a boy that looked a little older then me. He was simply pointing both arms at a chosen spot, then a wall would build itself, brick by brick, but at an alarming rate. Another guy, also my age (the majority were teenagers) was teleporting to random locations in the courtyard. He would occasionally stop, and fling a throwing blade he had in an unseen pouch at a random attack dummy. His aim was incredible.

"Duck!", a voice yelled. Everyone obeyed. My reflexes were just a split second too slow. I was knocked flat by a pillar of earth that coiled around the courtyard like a giant snake. When it finished growing, the snake's head stood about a hundred units above the ground. A cloud rushed in above it's head, which proceeded to spit thunder at the colossal reptilian statue. Chunks of earth spat out in all directions. A loud mechanical voice ordered "Thor" to stop. The cloud dissipated, and the monster of earth shrank back to the earth, right were a triumphant looking teen stood. He was the creator of the beast.

"Remind me not to piss him off", I thought sluggishly. I was still dazed by the hit. I was aware of a dull throbbing in the back of my head. I was dimly aware of everyone rising to their feet, a few people pointing at me, and the sound of footsteps rushing towards me from behind. The steps ceased, and I felt my limp body lifted from the ground with unseen arms.

Chapter 3

I awoke in an unfamiliar room. I was surrounded by white curtains that hung on a steel pole that encircled the scratchy bed I was on. A lamp on a table next to me let out a white light that hurt my eyes to look at. The curtain was partially open in front of me. A group of strange looking teenagers stood in the opening. "What the hell happened?", I asked myself. Suddenly a rush of memories flooded my brain. I remembered everything. The boy that made the giant earth serpent stood in the opening. The triumphant expression no longer rested on his face. There was the boy that froze the air, the teleporting fellow, the woman that did back flips off of walls, as well as the guy who built them, were both there too. There were two people I didn't recognize. There was a young man with a bald head and filthy looking beard that curled and stuck out in random directions. He was quite tall.... I was guessing this was Zack, also known as Thor. There was a guy with a face that looked as if it had endured many hardships standing next to my bed. His arms were held together, palms apart, in between his hands, hovered a ball of water, about the size of a baseball. The ball flashed white every few seconds, when it did, a tentacle of water issued from it, and stroked the side of my head. He was healing the large lump on the side of it. It felt strange to have someone preform their powers on me, when the last time it happened, it landed my where I was right then.

"You must be new", the boy who controlled earth. "I'm sorry I hit you. I didn't mean too. I mean, I yelled duck, but you didn't. I guess you're unfamiliar with power surges aren't you?", naw you think?

"Ugh... no I'm not.", I expected him to explain. But instead, he just remains silent. After an uncomfortable pause, the teleporting guy spoke up.

"A power surge is when your experimenting with your power, and you break through a barrier. You see, humans are only using about ten percent of their brains at any giving time, and in total, they only use about fifty of it. We are special. We have access to more of our brains then others do. That's what gives us our abilities. But, everyone is different, which is why our abilities are different. Well, when experimenting with powers, we are essentially either searching for open doors, or are trying to open new doors in our brain. Usually, when we discover something new, we are partially opening a door. You know how when you open a door, there's a small rush of air that rushes in?", I nodded. " Same basic principal. When we partially open a door, there's a small power surge, it's usually containable, and relatively nondestructive. It's usually something simple like, for me, being able to teleport a little farther. But, occasionally, the door swings open all the way, and the full blast of air rushed in. A.K.A: a huge power surge. The result, is an uncontrollable amount of energy being used, which causes the new strain of the ability to be used to it's fullest potential. Well, out there in the practice yard, Joseph here had a relatively large power surge. A large amount of energy was used, and his new ability to form pillars of earth was used to nearly it's full capacity. He used the 'duck' rule. The duck rule is used only when you or someone else is experiencing a power surge, usually a large one. When you or someone else is experiencing such a thing, you should yell 'duck' so as to alert people that taking evasive action is advisable"

"So... I have a more powerful brain?", I asked.

"Yes you do. We all do", Joseph answered. "But that doesn't mean that you are smarter then anyone, it simply means you can apply more brainpower. We still have classes. But today is Saturday, so we don't have to do any of that."

"Saturday, I thought it was Tuesday."

"It was when you got hit. You were out for for days." said the guy that made the walls. I looked at the guy who was healing the bump on my head.

"Have you been there doing that all this time?"

"No, I haven't. We thought it would be best not to, to give it a chance to heal itself naturally."

"And did it?"

"Uh.... Kindof. There's still a very large lump there"

"Ya, I can feel it"i replied. "So, what are all of your names?"

Three minutes later I had them memorized. Paul was the guy that built stuff, Charles was the teleporting ninja dude, Joseph, I already knew was the earth bending guy that had the power surge that landed me here, Zack/ Thor I was right about. Megan was the woman that did back flips and such. Mitchell was the guy that flung ice, and Matt was the guy that used water for healing, which was apparently ancient magic that he discovered he could use one day while swimming, which he was quite good at. I was apparently in their team because I was in the same general age group as them. They had two other members, but they had escaped three months before. They had evidently ripped out the G.P.S. tracking device inside of them that I was scheduled to get on Tuesday. The boy had the ability to conjure any illusion he wanted, except for the making himself invisible. His name was Conrad. He was also the youngest of us, at only twelve. The other, was Naomie, she controlled plants, she was around seventeen.

Three days later, I got the G.P.S. tracking device surgically implanted into me. They didn't tell me where it was, and they added random stitches in multiple locations to make it difficult to tell where it was. Apparently, they really didn't want people removing them. I took a day off to rest, and the next day I joined everyone in classes. There were only four classes a day. History/ Battle Strategies/ Literature, Math/ Science, Normal Combat, and Power Control. Power Control class was similar to an elective in high school, because different people had different classes, based off of their abilities I was put into the Mental Advancement class. This class was for those among us that had passive powers that didn't aid us in combat. The teacher told us that we were the truly important ones. Some of us could protect others from harm (like Conrad, wherever he was), some (like me) could gather Intel, some could build devices that could fight (like Paul), some could provide shelter (also, like Paul), some could reach places that others couldn't (like Megan and Charles), along with a whole host of others. The class focused on how to broaden our minds so we could open the doors more easily and so that we could find more uses for our abilities. Normal combat taught us multiple styles of fighting, I arrived during the Tai Chi unit. Joseph was in front of the class demonstrating a simple blocking maneuver. He apparently already knew Tai Chi and so, was ahead of the class. Paul was struggling with the concept of not building a fighting robot to do the dirty work for him. He was told that it was okay if he wanted to build some kind of high powered boxing glove, that was fine, but no robots. The other classes were as dull as an average class in high school and aren't worth the mention. After classes, we were let into the practice courtyard, which was surrounded on all sides by walls, so no unsuspecting passerby could see what went on inside.

Out in the practice yard,, I attempted a method they had suggested for me. I sat down, got comfortable, and tried meditating on something to see if it worked the same. Just as I was beginning to wonder what to meditate on, a large chunk of ice shattered right net to me. I opened my eyes to see Mitchell standing a couple units away.

"My bad, I was aiming for the target to your right." I looked over, the target was painted on the wall about six feet away.

"How did you miss that badly?", I chuckled.

"It's a relatively new technique I'm using. They're very difficult to master sometimes."

"I see.", I closed my eyes. I decided I would learn about Mitchell. He seemed like an interesting person. I instantly cleared my mind like I had been instructed to do. All thoughts went out the window. Except for Mitchell. Everything that I knew to exist drifted, melted away. It was a similar experience to watching TV when a character has a flashback. Only much, much more real. I could feel my stomach churning as reality warped itself time, and time again. The layers of reality bent, folded, twisted, inverted themselves. But all at once, the commotion stopped. I was in a snow covered field. An old barn stood several units away. A broken down fence to my left. It ran as far as my eye could see in the snowstorm.

Above the dull howl of wind and creaking timbers, I thought I heard something. I wasn't even sure if it was a sound. It was more of a vibration almost. There it went again. I looked all around, and behind me a saw a tree. It was a magnificent oak tree. Ats branches stretched out in every direction, and were likely full of beautiful leaves during the spring and summer. But in this cold, dark winter I had put myself in, it's branches were sad and bare. In one of the branches, near the trunk, I saw something. I couldn't quite make out what, but it was small, and red. I jogged over to it to investigate, and found that it was a child's snow cap. "How did it get here?", I wondered. But then I heard the noise once more. It was a whimper. Like that of a small child. I looked up, and saw a child's face, several feet up. He was clinging to the tree with all of his strength, but he stared at the beany. He wanted it badly.

"Jump down, I will catch you", I said. The boy made no response. That's when I realized. I wasn't actually there. I was in a memory. And the boy, was Mitchell.

The young Mitchell reached out with one arm, trying to grab the beanie, but he still had a long way to go. He withdrew his arm. He gripped the branch he was on with one arm, placed his feet on a nearby knot in the trunk, and tried again. Closer. He stretched. Even closer. But when he tried stretching even more, the bark he was gripping broke off. I lunged, trying to break his fall, but I wasn't there. He tumbled seven feet to the ground. As he landed, I heard a terrible crack. He was covered in snow. I wanted so badly to help the poor child. But I couldn't. All I could do is sit, and watch.

I expected him to lie there for hours, maybe days, and not be found, but instead, something interesting happened. His small arm reached out of the snow, and he felt for something to pull on to help him up. He found nothing. Slowly, he pushed himself up. His bright red jacket had a tear in it, he fingered the tear, but only for a moment. He paced over to a spot much closer to the beany. He reached for it, jumped, but didn't reach it. This is the part where he discovered his power. He reached for it a final time, and an unexpected rush of cold air burst from his hands and knocked it off of the tree. I heard a gasp of surprise coming from near the barn. It was an adult, presumably Mitchell's father.

Reality began to warp again, and I found myself at a circus. Mitchell was on stage, preforming his ability. The show didn't last very long. Very shortly, two men, the same ones that brought me to the hideout, stormed on stage and grabbed him by the arms. He was taken away, likely to the asylum. His father struck one in the face, trying to protect his child, but the man lifted him up by one hand, and threw him back down. He tossed a warrant for his son's arrest onto his chest.

Reality began warping once more, and I found myself back at the current time. I was incredibly hungry. And tired. I saw my team standing together nearby they were discussing something. I decided to join them. I joined in just in time to hear Matt say "Two new guys in one day. that's very rare."

"And in our team no less.", Paul added. "Jordan seems pretty straightforward. He seems like a nice guy. But Titus, he's another story."

"Who's Titus?", I butted in.

"That guy, over there." Megan gestured for me to look to my right. There was a guy, he looked about a year older then me, sitting hunched with his elbows on his knees. He had black hair, streaked with red. He had sharp features, and would probably have been quite handsome of he ever talked to anyone. He just sat, staring at everyone.

"He's supposed to be some kind of rubber dude"Matt mentioned. "Some guy stabbed him, then punched him in the face. There were like, seven witnesses. He was knocked out, but they found no knife wound, not even a bruise on his face. apparently his limbs are also quite flexible and stretchy. But still... ever wonder what made him like that?", I was about to offer to meditate when the boy I presumed to be Jordan came bouncing up. He was incredibly friendly. He came bounding up, carrying a tray of cafeteria food. He tossed it into the air, transformed into a beast, and caught the food in his mouth. He spat the tray out in a nearby receptical, and became human again.

"It always taste better that way." he said cheerfully. Paul casually introduced him to the rest of the group, giving our names, and abilities. Paul paused when he got to Titus.

"We don't really know much about Titus. All we know is that he is resistant to physical harm, not invulnerable, but resistant. Hes apparently quite stretchy and flexible. I really wish I knew what made him so depressed"

"I can find out", I said, eager to help. "I can meditate on him to find out what he's been through."

"That would kindof be an invasion of privacy" Megan said. I knew it would be. It wouldn't be right to march right in and see what happened to him. We needed someone that had good people skills, that could get him to tell us what happened to him.

it's funny how sometimes you wish for something, get something else, but it works even better than what you wanted. Because that's just what we got.