An Essay on Friendship

8/7/2010 2:31 AM

Tonight I made a great discovery; friends are the exact opposite of extra weight. Friends are hard to gain and easy to lose, on the other hand, it is simple gain a few extra pounds, it's the getting rid of that is the hard part. Now why is that?

Making friends, like losing weight, takes effort on our behalf. I, like many others, are not very likely to exert extra energy. It's sad, if you ask me. Think about how similar the two are. To make friends, you have to approach someone and take a risk of embarrassing yourself. When working out, there is always a chance that you are going to over-perspire and someone you know is going to see you, and you will feel uncomfortable.

Gaining weight is easy to do; eat too much or exercise too little, ignore the signs, or you might have genetic problems. Likewise, losing friends is a very simple thing to do; never call them or be too clingy, go off to college and forget to see them every time you come back or maybe just truly be busy and your friend just doesn't understand. I have actually just experienced this.

I am going off to college and so I am packing and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and haven't had much time for anything. Most of the time lately, when I wasn't worrying about college stuff; I would try to get together with friends. Tonight, however, I wanted some me-time, and so I didn't contact any of my friends, and just spent multiple hours on my computer.

Since I felt like a fool for sitting in front of my computer playing one specific game for seven hours, I decided to update my status telling everyone. My best friend, who I cannot lose without having a mental breakdown got on and commented. Her reply to my status was, "How did u manage to fit that into your busy life of preparing for college?"

You might say that this is a normal and honest response, and I might agree with you, if my friend and I didn't have an argument the day before about me not ever texting her or messaging her. It's true, I haven't been texting her, but look at my text history for the past few months, I rarely texted or contacted anyone without them contacting me first.

I know I haven't been able to stay on topic very well throughout this essay, but I can't help it. If this was a paper for school, I would be revising this thing like crazy. But it isn't, it is for my best friend. My best friend is the only person that I haven't grown apart from in the past 3 years. My best friend is one of the main, not only, reasons I patched things up with another friend. My best friend is my go to girl when I have any types of problems, especially guy or Jonas related. So what do I do if my problem is that I think I am losing my best friend, then who do I go to?

In closing, although gaining friends is about as hard as losing weight, I would like to have a few extra pounds more than a few less friends.