It all started with a line

"I love you"

Then I kept that in the back of my mind

I rewind back

To think back

About the crap

That I've been through

It all started with you

Its true

Sadness is forgettable

But not you

Remember how we started

I was near departed

Was at the top of my game

Then it got retarded

Fell in love

Or what I thought was

I was looking to the sky above

To give me a sign because

I fell asleep

woke up

And you weren't there

But anna was

Saying shit like,

"Baby, I love you we can be together forever and ever just you, me and the baby"

Trying to run but im stuck in a hospital bed

She's got bloodshed on her pants and

A gash in her head

She's lost in a trance

She kept saying,

"she had her chance, but she wouldn't advance, to a place in your heart, we will never be apart"

Struggling for a flat line

Ive lost my mind

To wind up in this kind of bind

I must have been blind

The thing that doesn't make sense


where are you?

The true

One that makes us two

Of a kind

Reaching for the power

I look over

And see Katatonic

Cowering in the fucking corner

Doped up like a damn stoner

Cracked out of your skull

With a blood trail trailing behind her in the hall

Coked up

Smoked up

Doped up

And fucked up

All of a sudden Anna turns back

Things are going black

Fading out, I'm looking at the wall

I see Carrie in a ball

Trying to hide from it all

Cowering with her bunny

Fucked up from no money

For co-ed collaborating courses

Too many divorces

I see a person I loved , cared for, and now despised

Nothing but hate in my eyes

But still I lend out my hand

To touch a strand

Of the wise

But to my despise

She crawls

To the hall

To another bloody body

Nothing but deaf flesh left

My dear sweet sunshine

Beaten and battered

With a broken spine

The clock strikes nine

And Anna's back to me

On top of me

Saying we should be


Forever till death do us part

I took her knife and stabbed my heart

Took it out and ripped it apart

With the final words before my flat line

I combine

Enough words to say what was on my mind

"You never loved me, you used me, you wanted me for one thing, to confuse me. To curse me to lose everything including family. The outcome was blinding. So close it was frightening to see the curse that you instilled in me. Binding to suicide. Flat lining"