I remember walking down

The streets

Blocking out every tune

Except for the beats

Catching eyes of passer bys

Then staring at my feet

Flipping through the tracks

Trying to find a tune

Tapping at the screen

Of the HD Zune




And flangers

Mixing in my ears

Perpetual sound

Bouncing all around

Off street lamps

On ramps

Side walks

And board walks

Infinite track lists

With back spins

And break ins

I look down an abandon alley

Listening to music from Feli

I see hobos and bums

Twisting their thumbs

Begging for their next bite

But no forgiveness in this city life

Cautious with a knife

In his hand

He holds out a can

I lay a tip at his feet

And tell him he should embrace the beats

He smiled kindly as I walked back down the street.

I remember walking down

The street.