"What is this all about? Why have you called while I was torturing a victim?" Blane's voice boomed loud through out the room. It was so loud, it shook the woman's, who had called him, hair. It stood high on end, long and silkily, dark and shiny, like the colors of the moon except without the light.

She had an innocent face with sea green eyes. A nice body shape that resembled a coke bottle, long legs, graceful soft fingers, tribal markings along her arms that resembled the mark of Rose, her God, but it wasn't even close, it was blue not black as Rose's.

"The Phase Spider has sent us news," exclaimed the woman. She sat behind a desk, looking over the ancient books that were scattered about the place, words written into them that the man didn't understand, but thankfully she did.

Blane dropped his arms to his sides, walking forward to meet the woman at the desk, pulling on a rusty silver chain that was wrapped around his hands. A small young girl slowly walked behind him, trying not to trip as she walked. Her face was down with her long white hair nearly ending at her feet. Her slender body covered by dirty used rags that Blane just threw in her cell for her to wear when he wanted to take her out. Other than that she was naked, he left her that way.

"What is the news? You can't keep me waiting. I detest waiting," said Blane, his face was calm for now so of course his voice sounded that way. He sat down on the couch, placing his hands into his lap, pulling the girl to sit beside him.

"It has seen of Lea," said the woman. Blane tighten his grip on the chain he was holding and looked deeply into the woman's sea-green eyes as she continued. "The fairies were discussing the war with them. About who was on who's side. They have the dreadful Remorhaz if Lea accepts and we'll have the mighty Bulette."

A wide smile came across Blane's face. He rubbed his left index finger across his lips. " What about the were bear, the Ormyrr, or the Gricks?" questioned Blane. He took a quick glance at the girl and watched as she trembled. He wasn't that scary-looking as Lena said, but it was because she was used to his violent nature. Besides that he looked innocently rugged, blue eyes, blonde hair, and muscled body. All the woman wanted him but he only wanted one woman, just one. And it wasn't the woman talking to him right now.

"The were bear is good-natured, wouldn't help us unless we convinced it that Lea was planning to enslave the human race and harm them. The Ormyrr was captured by Audreuy, she used witches clove to get it. And the Gricks aren't mating. They keep dying out. The Bulette's keep eating them, but if you want I can send-"

Blane raised his arm into the air, silencing the her. He then tapped his fingers into the arm of the couch. "The Bulette's keep eating them? Damn it to Penki. They used to get along great until Gricks got into the Bulette's territory, which started a little war against under grounders," he paused and stood up, looking at the woman dead in her face. "What do you think we should replace it with?"

The woman bit her lip and rubbed sweat off her face. She then stood up and turned the book, she had been reading since early that morning towards him. She pointed down at a name and grew excited when happiness ran through his eyes.

"Driptane! Yes, I could hear the cries of the Remorhaz as the Driptane bits each of them, but the three headed bird won't leave Lamora for a little battle. Plus if it sees Creaty it would bail. It's scared of a thirty foot long purple crocodile. Rose, I hate that thing. Lena find more than just a Driptane." He leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead.

Lena shivered under the caress as his lips traveled down her forehead to her lips. He pecked her lightly and then whispered, "Later on today, we are visiting the Yuan-ti. I heard rumors that Katara was planning on being on Lea's side. I know its impossible, but I want to make sure."

Lena nodded her head and closed the book that laid in front of them. She wiped her eyebrow of the sweat and looked at the girl who was sitting on the couch.

"Who is she?" asked Lena. She stood up from the desk and walked over towards her. Her long blue robe flowing behind her.

"This is Andi. She is a doppelganger. I found her in Lipta as a human. She was asking about her Laume. I don't know why and she won't tell me why. But I'll spare her lyfe if she heads down to Harpy's forest and impersonate a Harpy. They are tricky creatures. If I go there Vulga will have me killed."

Lena nodded her head She knew exactly what Blane meant. Vulga couldn't stand her either. Vulga despised her.

Only Vulga knew of her being on both sides, And only Vulga knew why she was on both sides. It was all because of Blane. She was madly in love with him, been in love with him since she first saw him with…Lea.

Lena growled when she thought of Lea, with her caramel skin, hazel eyes, and curvy body. And all that long hair which revealed her breast and her long legs that would make any man turn their head.

The more Lena thought of her, the more angry she got. It was like hot lava running through her veins. She didn't have to ask Blane, she knew her veins were popping out of her skin, turning blue the color of her power.

"Lena, are you okay?" Blane looked at Lena and grew disappointed. He already knew what she was thinking about. She was thinking about his love. The woman he shared his blood with but she didn't share it back.

"I'm fine. Let's just get this over with. After Katara, we can visit the Rakshasa. He claims he knows about what you been looking for."

Blane smiled and stood up from the couch. Andi stood up with him. Her hair was swept back from her face. Her icy blue eyes shook Lena down to her core.

"I will not be a harpy. They stink and smell. I was in Lipta to see Laume, yes, but Berri is planning on attacking Harpy Forest. I heard she lost something valuable and Vulga won't give it back. I'm not going over there." She ran her pink tongue across her dry white lips. Then she changed. Her white hair shorten in length. Her body figure became slimy green.

She was in her true form, which frighten Blane to death.

"Andi, I could kill you right this minute. Go to Harpy Forest, become a harpy, and when Berri gets there turn into her soldiers."

Andi nodded her head, then looked at the chain that was wrapped around her neck. Blane dropped the chain and grew excited when she left the room.

He turned to Lena and rose his eyebrow as she slammed all the books into their places. He came up behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist. He leaned his head towards her neck and took a big sniff of her scent. She smelled like the ocean.

"What are you doing?" whispered Lena. She cocked he head and almost moaned. Blane's answer was a rough good squeeze of her breast.

"What about Lea?" She whispered again. And she knew it would be the same answer as last time and it was.

"She can rot in the belly of a Manticore." Lena knew he only meant it for that moment. And honestly, it was good enough for her.