Chapter 1

One Friday afternoon Matt is waiting outside his 14 year old's daughter's school for her to get out of school. At 2:15 the bell ring's and Matt see's her and she see's him and gives him the 1 minute finger so she can go to her locker and get her stuff. Matt nods and she finally makes her way to the car a few minute's later and tries to open the door but it's locked. Matt unlock's the door's so she can get in and get's in.

''Hi Dad!'' Layla says

''hey sweetie how was school?'' Matt asks her

''great just tired it's been a long week but I love it and I love being a private school girl.'' she tells him

''good I'm glad thing's are going good and that your mother and I did the right thing of put you in a private school so we can raise you right so you will be a good respectful Catholic-christian girl.'' he tells her

''dad I've been going to my school since Preschool and it goes all the way up to 12th grade.'' she tells him

''I know that.'' he says

''so how is your mother and her new boyfriend?'' Matt asks her

''Mom's good but I think she misses you and I hate her big fat stinking tubber that she's with she doesn't seem happy with him like the way that she would be happy with you.'' she tells him

''ugh sweetie please not this again how many time's do I have to tell you that your mother and I do not have anything in common anymore we are 2 totally different people with 2 totally separate lives and yes we will always remain close and great friend's for your sake because you are our daughter and we both love you very much.'' he tells her

''I know that.'' she says

''ok.'' he says and drive's her to his house and takes her inside

Layla goes to her room so she can drop her thing's and change.

Matt wait's for her in kitchen drinking a glass of water.

Layla comes out.

''so now what?'' she asks him

''well I was thinking we could go out to dinner how does Applebee's sound?'' he ask sher

''Is that ok with you?'' he asks her

''yea sure Applebee's sound's great it's one of my favorite places to eat.'' she tells him

''ok good lets go.'' he tells her

''okay.'' she says

They leave Matt's house and he lock's it up and they get in his car and hit the road for Applebee's.