there's a heartbroken girl, with wilted flowers in her hair
and poetry on her chapped lips, who lives in the back of
my mind, whispering depressed similes to my heart.

she used to be like me, writing lovestruck stanzas to her
so-called soulmate, until he ripped her words into jagged
shards of loneliness, dark as an insomniac's heart.

now my love poetry for you never comes out right, because
she sprinkles my words with her shattered tears, and they
eventually form a pool of doubtful metaphors in my heart.

i reach out to you but my writer's fingers slip through cold
nothingness, and she says you are just like him, accidentally
falling out of love with me and dropping my glass-poetry heart.

sometimes i believe her, because you used to be sweeter than
chocolate, but we're fading away like clouds after rain, and someday,
i'll be left with only the broken poetry girl and my shattered heart.

i didn't realize that each stanza ended with the word "heart" until i finished it.

this broken girl in my subconscious really does exist, and she has since sean and i started to fall apart last april.

i keep falling in and out of love with him, and i have no idea what to do now, but i have a feeling that we weren't meant to last forever.