One Quirky Family


I had the idea for this a month ago on the Fourth of July and in it, Bronx gives birth to twins, Tiana or Tia as she likes to be called and her brother Ashulu but Bronx isn't that happy about being a father but his family will help him out.

I had wanted to post it but forgot about it and disappeared from the Document Manager so I decided to reupload it.

In Aria, some male Psammeads can give birth without a female through their magic and Bronx happens to be one of them.

I love the idea as it's sweet.

I hope you like.

It was the Fourth of July in the human world or Earth as it was called and a certain grey furred Psammead was worried as he knew Bronx had been acting odd for the last few months but had helped him but now he'd woken up hearing Bronx groan in pain as he went to get his human friends as Carley understood knowing that something wasn't right with Bronx as she opened a portal to Aria.

She knew that Skye would know what to do aa she was a skilled healer as she held Bronx in her arms as Leah was nervous for her Arian partner as she felt something strange in his aura but headed to the purple bricked castle in Latanis as Leah had used her Friendix to put Bronx to sleep until they got there as Izz was on Carley's shoulders.

He was worrying for his brother as he didn't know what was wrong as Carley understood as Ogre Child and Jen knew that something was going on as they bowed before Carley.

"Is Skye around?

We need her help.

Something's not right with Bronx." she said.

Ogre Child smiled knowing why Bronx wasn't himself but decided to let Skye tell them as they headed to the infirmary but Skye knew that Bronx needed her.

"You guys should wait outside.

This could take a while." the Goodness Witch told them.

Carley understood as she along with the others left.

But Izz looked worried for his brother.

"He'll be okay." Leah said.

Later that early morning, Izz heard the sound of infants crying and it was coming from where Bronx was as Carley along with Leah and David followed him but gasped at what they saw.

There were two Psammead infants in Bronx's arms.

One had jet black fur with a purple heart mark on it's fore head but the other one had brown grey fur like Bronx as Izz saw his brother smile as both infants smiled at him and Izz showing baby Psammead teeth.

"Aww they're super cute!" Leah told them.

Izz agreed as he saw Skye reveal their genders.

"The jet black one is a girl.

The brown grey furred one is male." Skye told them.

But as Leah was holding the male one, the female one was crying.

"I have a feeling they're twins." Skye said as Carley had the female one.

She saw it calm down as Leah was near her.

"They're twins alright.

We should name them." David said.


Let's call the girl Tiana." Carley said.

"I like it.

But what about the boy?" Leah asked.

"How about Ashulu?" Izz said.

Bronx was stunned hearing that.

It was a royal name.

But Skye had an idea.

"You guys should take them home.

Bronx will be home in a few days." she said.

Carley loved that idea as she had Tiana in her arms.

Leah watched as Ogre Child opened a portal to Earth.

David was holding Ashulu in his arms.

They then went through it.

Ogre Child then smiled seeing that.

She and Skye hoped things would be fine.