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Tia is back to full health, but has to take medicine for the rest of her life, but it's the night before her first day of school, and she's nervous, but her family will help her out.

I hope you guys like, but so happy I can write Aria stuff on here again.

A few days had passed in the human world but it was the day before Tiana would start kindergarten with her brother and cousin, but the jet black furred female Psammead youngster was excited, but anxious, as Ashulu had told her what school was like, but Bronx was helping calm her down.

Leah and the others were fixing dinner, as it was a chilly Autumn day in the human world, but Ashulu, Tiana and Yuri were jumping into leaf piles, laughing.

Izz was joining in, as the silver grey furred male Psammead was still playful in nature, but Bronx knew it made his little brother who he was, as he sighed helping David cook burgers.

The brown grey furred male Psammead was happy that Tiana was better, but she still had to take medicine for the rest of her life, but he would help her.

"I guess, that Tia's excited about school, huh?" Leah said.

"Yeah, but she's anxious.

I know that Ashulu and Yuri will help her out, since they're sweet to each other." he replied.

She then saw Ashulu and Tiana rough housing with Izz in the backyard, but Bronx knew they'd need a bath later.

He then saw the food was ready, as he went outside, seeing the Psammead youngsters on the grass with Izz, as they smiled.

"Hey, Daddy.

Wanna play, with us?" Tiana asked.

Bronx smiled at her cuteness.

"Maybe later, but it's dinnertime.

Plus you guys have school, in the morning." he told them.

They then went inside, as they saw Carley was back, as the purple red haired girl was back from Aria but smiled as Izz hugged her, but had mud over his feet.

"Wipe your feet, Izzard!" Bronx yelled.

The silver grey furred male Psammead sighed as he wiped his silver grey furred feet, but knew he'd be taking a bath later, but didn't mind but knew that Tiana was anxious about her first day of school tomorrow but he and Bronx would make her feel better.

They were eating, but talking and having fun, as their family was unique, but Tiana was laughing at her uncle's antics, as Bronx frowned since he wasn't setting a good example to his niece and nephew.

"Lighten up, Bronx!

They're kids, and Izz is just being himself." Leah said.

Carley agreed, as she was drinking soda.

"You think, that Pitch will beat the Guardians, Your Highness?" Izz asked Carley.

He was lying beside her, in his black and purple pyjamas, as the purple red haired girl was reading the second Guardians of Childhood book, as she liked these books, but Pitch reminded her of Nalia the queen of the Shadow Spirits in Aria, but she was reading aloud as he loved when she did that, as Ashulu and Tiana were also listening.

"Of course they will, Uncle Izz.

The Guardians are the good guys, like the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights.

They'll kick Pitch's butt!" Ashulu said as Tiana agreed.

Both Psammead youngsters were anxious to hear what happened next, but Bronx came into the room.

"Aw, Dad!

Five more minutes, please?" Ashulu begged.

"Sorry, but you guys have school, in the morning.

You being cranky isn't good, trust me." he said.

Both Psammead youngsters hugged the purple red haired girl and Izz, but they yawned seeing them get off their bed, but would read more tomorrow night.

Izz then was anxious seeing his Queen turn off the light, as he didn't like the dark, but had a small night light turning it on.

"Feeling better, Izzard?" she asked.

The silver grey furred male Psammead nodded falling asleep beside her, as she smiled falling asleep.

The next morning, Tiana's snail like eyes flutered open, but she had butterflies in her stomach knowing today was her first day of school, but was becoming her Humanix form but dressed in a blue sweater, jeans and boots, but going downstairs, as her father and brother were up, but Ashulu saw she was quiet as he was in a Humanix form.

"It'll be okay, Tia.

School's fun, trust me and Yuri." he told her.

She relaxed as she was eating warm oatmeal as Bronx was making their lunches, but saw Yuri in his Humanix form, but Bronx was making their lunches, but saw Yuri joun them as she was in her Humanix form, but eating fast, making Bronx sigh.

He was taking them to the bus stop, but was in his Humanix form, as they left.