Another sad poem I wrote while feeling depressed. I hope everyone likes it, and I hope you'll read my other works.

I often find myself sitting outside alone

Emothions come pouring out;things I've rarely shown

And when I'm by myself, thats when I want to cry

When I'm by myself, I'd rather sooner die

The world is big; it needs me not

I'm just another thing forgot

But thats the way it seems it has to be

The rest of the world heading away from me

I hold out my hand, praying someone will take it

Then I hit the ground, because I didn't make it

I used to tell myself that I was okay, that I was getting by

But after many lonely years, I saw it was a lie

A lie I told myself to make myself feel better

But by the time I realise that I couldn't be much deader

Does my family love me any less?

I panic, panic, my thoughts a mess

'Catch me.'

'Save me.'

'Never betray me.'

'I miss you.'

'Do you miss me?'

'Is it to late for us to be?'

'Mom and dad, won't you stop fighting?'

'You've finally divorced, that should be the end of the biting.'

'I'm sorry.'

'I'm sorry sorry sorry.'

'Please, please save me.'