Twist of Daisy chapter 2

"So we came to an agreement," Kind Dempsey said, sitting on his throne. His fingers twitched on the arm of his chair. He didn't understand how he gotten himself into this mess. The war with the Icemarks was horrible, and he knew it needed to end soon, but to ally with the Dragon Kingdom? Was he not thinking straight that day when he sent a messenger to the dragons asking for help?

He turned to his daughter who sat in the daintier throne next to him. She was looking down at the dragon in human form that came in with her, her gaze strong and jaws set.

She looks so much like her mother, King Dempsey thought. And so much like her brother.

The red haired dragon nodded and motioned for Puck to hand him his briefcase that he had given him earlier. Puck complied and them backed off, not wanting to touch the dragon incase something backfires.

He pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to the king. "We would like it if you sign the agreement on paper. And for the princess to do so as well."

The king looked at the paper. On it was the full agreement: for exchange of help defeating the current enemy to the Girre Kingdom, King Dempsey agrees to trade in his daughter, Princess Amelia Slate to Prince Kai of the Dragon Kingdom. It was written plain and simple, with Prince Kai's signature already at the bottom of the page.

King Dempsey motioned for Puck, and on cue, Puck came forward with a feather stained with ink. The king took it and within seconds, signed his name and handed it to Amelia. She didn't bother to read it but signed, keeping her gaze of the dragon, and handed the parchment and feather back to Puck.

The dragon's blue eyes glittered mischievously, and folded the contract in half before putting it back into his bag. "When do we bring the princess to our humble home?"

Amelia nodded to her father, stopping him from saying anything. If she was going to be taken away, she was going to say when and how.

"Sir Hideaki," Amelia said. She stood up, her back straight with her hands cupped on top of the other in front of her. "I do not wish to leave without having a proper goodbye. In agreement with me, our king decided to hold my last ball here at the palace tonight. We would most humbly hope you and Prince Kai will stay and enjoy the festival, before we make our journey to the Dragon Kingdom."

Hideaki smiled and bowed. "Of course, your highness."

Andrew sat on Amelia's bed as she changed behind a curtain into her ball dress, squeezing a stress ball as he remembered his first encounter with Prince Kai.

He grunted, throwing the stress ball across the room. He strode forward, leaning against the wall as he looked at Amelia.

Amelia gasped but then smiled playfully when she saw him. "Can't you wait to talk to me until after I'm done putting on my clothes?"

Andrew frowned. "You're still working on that? It's been ten minutes already. Just put the damn dress on and be done with it."

Amelia sighed and put her arms through the sleeves of a blue dress that match her eyes. She turned around, her back facing Andrew, and pulled her hair up. "Button me. These things are so hard to do."

Andrew thumbed the button, but made no effort to help. "You're going to suffocate wearing this."

"It's my dress," Amelia said. "I can fit into it if I want to."

Andrew rolled his eyes and pinched the two sides of the dress together, buttoning it up from the bottom. "It isn't a matter of wanting to, but being able to."

"Are you calling me fat?"

Andrew pushed the last button through the slit and held her waist from behind. "Not at all. Just that you shouldn't do this to your body."

Amelia smiled and turned around, her arms wrapped around Andrew's neck. "Thank you for your concern, but seeing how you were able to button it up and that I can breath just fine, there's really nothing to worry about."

Andrew smiled and leaned down to kiss her, but she turned her head away and walked over to the full-length mirror near her bed. Andrew settled back against the wall and watched her straighten the skirt of her dress.

It felt strange to him, like it always does. Two years ago when they were sixteen and first became aware of his thumping heart as he looked at his Amelia, he knew what he felt wasn't right. He would try to hide, creating the image of a brother who would ignore his little sister. Though, when he thought no one was watching, he would drop the façade and watch her silently, aching that his feeling would never be answered.

But then, Amelia made the first move and kissed him one night. Things got a lot easier from there, no longer having the awkward silence, but he still knew loving his sister as a woman was wrong. Incense was nasty, even for being in a royal family.

However…it was times like these when he would just watch the sunlight blush her cheeks, he would forget that they were related.

I wish I could just take her away, Andrew thought. Away from here, change our images, and love.

Then he remembered the conversation he had with Prince Kai, and he hit the wall with his fist. "Nothing to worry about other than being taken away from a dragon."

Amelia looked at him from her mirror and frowned. "I hope you won't let what happened between the two of you ruin my last day."

Andrew scoffed and turned Amelia around so she could face him. It was rough; his hold on her arm tight, but Amelia didn't say anything. "You don't know what he was saying about you. If it wasn't for the fact that I…"

Amelia smiled, feeling the loosening of his grip. She took his hand and kissed it before placing it on her cheek. "If it wasn't for the fact that you are a prince, you would have acted on your anger."

Andrew nodded, but then realized what she said and shook his head. "That's not it. I would never-"

"But you did," Amelia said. "You put your status as a member of the royal family, the next in line for the crown, before me. Even while you are thinking about me, you will never forget your first persona: a prince."

"But I love you," Andrew said, not giving in. Why can't he be a prince and be a lover? Why does he have to pick one over the other?

Amelia smiled but didn't say anything. Andrew knew she had given up the argument, but he didn't win.

"It looks nice on you," Andrew said, gesturing to her dress.

"Don't try to flatter me."

Music filled the hall, the orchestra playing a waltz as noble men and women danced and lighthearted chatter resumed. Andrew was standing next to a noble man who was introducing his lazy-eyed daughter, trying to set her up as a potential suitor. Her father was going on and on about how his daughter was very bright and would be a good queen someday, contrary to how she may act. Andrew barely listened, sipping on glass of red wine as he followed Amelia around the room with his gaze. She was laughing at whatever the man she was dancing with said.

"So, Prince Andrew, what do you say? Would you do my family the honor of attending the winter ball with my daughter?" the noble man said, just as the music died down. Andrew blinked and looked at him, taking his gaze off of Amelia as she went to talk to a group of girls.

"I'm sorry, but with everything that has been going on…" Andrew said, he bowed his head slightly, which caused the noble man to blush in pride. Andrew looked up and smiled and then turned to the girl who was also blushing. "It was nice meeting you, but I must go and greet the other guests."

He walked away then, not waiting to be excused, and walked outside to the balcony ignoring the fact that he just lied. He put the wine glass against the rail and looked up at the sky. The stars twinkled, peeking out its head as if shy to be seen.

Andrew sighed, grabbed the rail and leaned back. Whose idea was it to have a ball the same night Amelia would leave for some ghastly kingdom? And to see Amelia flirt with Prince Kai on the dance floor, smiling sweetly as he took her hand…

No, not flirting, Andrew seethed. Being overly friendly.

But why wouldn't she? If she was to go to the Dragon Kingdom, might as well establish a good relationship. Maybe then, they won't eat her.

Andrew barked a laugh. How exhausting. If it weren't for the fact that the feeling he gets when thinking and being with Amelia made him happy, he would have wished he loved someone else.

He could hear the people inside rearranged themselves as their steps curtly took the floor as soon as the first beat of the music was strung. He took his glass and drained the last drops of wine and threw the glass toward the endless sky.

If only he could get away. Away from everything. Away from the ignorant people only knew him as Prince Andrew, instead of just Andrew. From this stupid ball that brought about the allusion that everything was fine again, now that the Icemarks are no longer a problem. From his father who doesn't think of his children. From the society he helped create. And if there was a way, to be free from the feelings he felt for Amelia who already abandoned their love.

If I do that, then I wouldn't be feeling so horrible right about now. He thought.

But then, it hit him. Looking up at the sky, the stars still hiding within the dark gray clouds, he knew what he had to do. It wouldn't solve all his problems, but it sure would make him feel better and just might reverse the situation. And then, maybe, just maybe, Amelia wouldn't have to go away. She could stay here, at the palace, with him.

He walked briskly back into the room, dodging the women who tapped his shoulder, wanting to dance and stopped behind Amelia. She was talking to a group of girls who were crying, saying how much they will miss their princess. Amelia just smiled and told them that it was nothing to be sad about.

"It's my duty to protect all of you," Amelia said. She lifted the chin of one of the girls, who turned her head away so Amelia wouldn't see her tears, and brushed her cheek. "So do not make such a sad face."

"Yes, your highness," the girl mumbled. Amelia smiled, causing the girls to cry again realizing they would never see that again.

Andrew coughed into his fist and waited for Amelia to turn around. When she did, she kept her smile and acted as if their previous conversation did not happen.

"Please excuse my interruption, ladies, but I wish to speak to our highness, Princess Amelia," Andrew said, giving his best smile. He held out his arm, which Amelia took, and lead her away from the room. They smiled and waved to those they passed, but not once did they stop to chat. Finally, they were in Amelia's room; Andrew closed the door behind them and locked it.

"Good thing there was a ball tonight, right before you get stolen away," Andrew said, a smile on his face. The room was dark, only the moonlight highlighting his features.

"You hate anything that has to do with interacting with people outside the castle," Amelia said. She crossed her arm, eyebrow raised. "Did you drink too much wine?"

Andrew kept his smile and walked forward, holding Amelia into a hug. She froze, not knowing what to do, until she felt him unbutton her dress.

"Andrew, we can't…I'm one of the main guest tonight. They'll…"

"Shh," he said, kissing her cheek. He broke away, jumping back from the half embrace when at last her dress fell to the ground. "Don't worry; no one would know that you are gone."

"What are trying to do?" Amelia whispered. Andrew just smirked and picked her up and carried her to the restroom, putting her down in the bathtub. He turned the water on, steam rising. "You wanted me to take a bath? Really. Right now?"

Andrew kissed her hungrily, his tongue rough. She gasped and turned her head aside, catching her breath.

"You're really dirty," Andrew said, standing up. Amelia watched him, the water already reaching her shoulder. "Touching Prince Kai."

He walked out then. Amelia looked after him, baffled, but before she could get out of the tub, she heard the door locked.

"Andrew?" she called out. When there was no answer, she wrapped a towel around her and walked towards the door, the water dripping off her body. She pulled on the door; it wouldn't budge. "Andrew? Andrew! Open the door. You can't just lock me in here. I have to go to the ball. The kingdom!"

There was no answer. Amelia placed her ear against the door, hearing a thumping noise from the other side. She hit the door with her palm. "Andrew? I know you're still there. Answer me!"

Finally, she heard someone leaning against the door, his fingers tapping against the frame.

"You know Amelia," Andrew said, smiling on the other side. He looked down at his clothes and laughed. "You don't have to worry. You won't be missing from the ball. Not at all."

Amelia narrowed her eyes. "What are you talking about? How can I be at the ball if you locked me up…here."

Andrew just smiled, ignoring the protest Amelia yelled out, and walked out into the bright hall. He looked around, sizing the place up and breathed in, eyes closed.

I can do this, he thought. How hard can it be?

He opened his eyes and started walking back to the ballroom; smiling and bowing to the people he passed.

No one guessed he was Andrew, wearing the dress Amelia just wore with a longhaired wig on his head.