Hey guys, a short story I just decided to write due to my refusal to sleep and sudden inspiration. Please read and review and if I have any grammatical mistakes and whatnot, please tell me and I'll correct! Or any suggestions at all to improve it!

Um, I still don't want to sleep so I may write some more. I should update that chapter story soon. Haven't worked on that in a while to actually make the story move and the plot show up. I got the plot in my head. I'm just not working on it. And here I am, just typing when I could work on that. I apologize, I'm quite tired. Ignore this. Have fun reading!



One cold, dark, early morning I woke up, looked out the window and there I saw rain. It was wet and glistening like crystals dropping, dissipating as it kissed the ground. I glanced over my shoulder and looked at the clock hanging on my wall- 2:43am it read, no wonder nobody was up yet. I looked back out the window and suddenly I saw shadows. They were hiding behind the rain as if hiding from whatever could, or would, come out. I ignored it for a moment, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it, and let the rain mesmerize me. But then something suddenly hit me, something felt very… disturbing, very wrong. Quickly I glanced over to look at the shadows only to see that they were gone. I was startled as something abruptly moved from where shadows once were. It was one of the shadows, now lying on the ground. It slowly sat up then quickly collapsed like a haunted Raggedy Ann doll. Without thinking it through I grabbed my coat that was suspended, like a dark ghost, from my closet.

Quietly, I slowly opened my door which led to the silent, deserted hallway. Although I was sure, I looked both ways to see if anyone was hidden on the dark hallway. The staircase creaked as I descended from the top, getting louder as I was midway through the flight of stairs and quieter as I reached the bottom until there was only silence. My foot finally reached the last step then the warm, carpet that covered floor. I slipped into my shoes and unlocked the front door. Click, my heart raced as I heard that familiar sound of the front door being unlocked. With great anticipation, I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. I opened the door just wide enough to be able to slip through. The damp wind hit me in the face. Like small pebbles, thick droplets of rain soaked me in seconds. Scared yet excited, I ran across the street where the doll-like shadow lay.

Plop, plop, my footsteps sounded on the muddy ground. I stood a few feet from the shadow. On the pavement, blood was spilled. A horrible scent came over my nose that made me want to gag. I stood, petrified, not daring to go any nearer. Not daring myself to see the twisted body that was the shadow.

Sirens and engines blared from behind. Lights glared and danced menacingly, showing me the details I dreaded to see. In a panic I did the stupidest thing I could think of, I ran. I ran up the street, away from the sirens and engines, looking back only to see the cars' bright headlights gaining on me. I could have stopped, I should have stopped. Honk! I heard the shriek of a huge vehicle's horn. Before I was able to fully turn my head towards the sound, I knew what was about to happen. My partly turned head caught a glimpse of the glare of the truck's humongous headlights coming right at me…

One morning I woke up, looked out the window- wait a minute, didn't this happen before? A sense of déjà vu quickly swept over me. Only it wasn't raining outside. There were police cars outside, "Uh-oh," I thought as trepidation quickly swept over me. I ran down the stairs to prove my innocence when I saw my parents crying. "Mom, Dad, I didn't do anything," I said, almost pleading. No answer came from anyone. Then I noticed that I couldn't hear them, I couldn't hear a single word or sob that any of them uttered. I saw the police officer's lips mention my name, followed up with a word that sent chills down my spine. Suddenly a terrifying thought came over me that made everything make sense- I was dead.

Everything suddenly went black. I sat down and cried. "I'm dead," I whispered, not quite believing it. I whispered that phase over and over again, "I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead," more convinced with each repetition. Then, an ominous white light began to appear. At first it was small, no bigger than a marble. It started to grow, and grow, and grow until it filled up half the space in which I was confined in. Slowly, I stood, reluctantly I took a step towards the bright light. One step, then two steps, three steps… closer, closer, closer…