Title: Mate of the Werewolf

Summary: Being a werewolf was hard enough, especially with a sister, Camellia, who is abusive. But when Ethan, a young male werewolf, meets Chance, an older werewolf, his life changes dramatically.

Warnings: Yaoi, Boyslove, Parody of many other Werewolf stories out there. A few swear words ever once in a while, but nothing that will cause distress, I'm sure.

Claimer: All characters and events belong solely to me, and are not to be used without permission.

AN: Hi and welcome to my first Original Fanfic. At the beginning, I started to write this fic as a bit of a lark on Quizilla. Ya know, doing a parody of most Werewolf fics where the female werewolf is being chased by dozens of guys because she is so beautiful and/or powerful? Yeah, well, I kinda grew fond of this story and the characters I created so I decided to place this story on this site as well.

In any case, if you read this, do let me know what you think of it so far. I have written fanfiction in the past, but this is my first attempt at my own original fiction so I'm kinda excited.

Chapter 1:

There was a slight irritant in the air, an unwelcomed presence drifting upon the wind like a heavy shadow; she could feel it. Though, it caused her no alarm.

Camellia, or Cammie as she was known to a small and selective group of friends, felt a sense of pride wash over her as she prowled with a great sense of boredom through her territory. Although it had been relatively dull growing up in a small country town like Blue Bells, but this was her land nonetheless.

Still, it was as dull as heck.

With her long red hair, like the colour of a fiery setting sun and eyes as sharp as the coolest of ice, her skin a succulent brown, natural of course, she was the most beautiful and sought after woman in the entire town. Her figure was that of a busty super model and she didn't have to do a thing to keep herself looking this gorgeous. It was natural, all the way.

Men of all ages, young, old, married, divorced or single worshipped the ground she walked on. She had them all wrapped around her little finger and she could do whatever she wanted and could do whatever she wanted. She was feisty, flirty and naughty; absolutely ruthless when she wanted something.

And she would always get what she wanted.

The women of this town, however, hated her with a most ironic passion. They detested her, loathed her, and yet could not deny how utterly mesmerising and alluring she was in all aspects of her personality, image and life. She was the pinnacle of perfection.

And the fact that she was a werewolf only added to her Goddess like supreme beauty. She could turn into a blood red wolf whenever she wanted. Of course, the only drawback was when she changed back into her human form, she was completely naked, her clothes literally ripped off of her slender and supple body whenever she transformed. It was only a minor hindrance, though. With her legs that went on for miles, her perfect skin, her flawless figure, her large and perky bust, she had nothing to be ashamed off.

Because of her luscious red hair, hair that no one had ever seen before, she had been given the name the Crimson Wolf by the locals.

She and her twin brother were the only werewolves in this town, she being the oldest twin and the strongest; she was the true owner of this land.

Her brother, Ethan, was truly pathetic. It was completely and utterly embarrassing to even admit that they were even related. She did everything she could to avoid him, but as he was the weakest, she just had to protect him. She didn't have to like it though. For as long as she could remember, she and her brother had always been at odds. He simply could not get over the fact that she was the strongest of the family and didn't like to come second to a girl.

While Camellia's wolf form was a true essence of beauty, Ethan's was something she considered to be incredibly dull. Honestly, his fur was as white as snow and his eyes a gentle chocolate brown. He wasn't threatening at all. And to make him even less worthy of being called a werewolf and her brother, he preferred not to engage in battles, instead he decided to become a gentle and caring vet, off all things.

If he could, Ethan would prefer to have their territory open to any wandering wolf, allowing them refuge. He was such a dreamer. Honestly, did he really think a werewolf worthy his weight would even consider coming to him for help in healing their wounds?

No wolf would get pass her, not with her keen senses that was matched by none.

Which was why she was stalking her town darkened streets; there was a new wolf in town and he was following her.

Camellia had been stalking her town darkened streets, the full moon above casting a subtle glow upon her territory, allowing her with a more than enough light to see. All day she had sensed the unwanted presence of another wolf, a male one and he seemed quite arrogant. She could tell by his scent alone. He obviously thought he could catch her unaware.

Typical male. They think just because she was female in gender, they could get one over on her.

"I know you're following me, bastard," Camellia growled out in a domineering manner, her posture tall and as strong as always. "Stop being such a coward and show yourself. Unless, of course, you're frightened of me?"

The sound of paws scrapping across the concrete soon alerted her senses to the shadows behind her. Then, from that shadowy place of darkness, a large wolf appeared, larger than any she had encountered to date, yet did little to intimidate her. His fur was a black as the night sky, shiny and thick, while his eyes were as blue as the sky on a bright, cloudless summer's day.

Camellia tisked in annoyance. She was hardly impressed.

"You are the resident werewolf, correct?" the mysterious wolf before her asked, his voice low and deep, husky and purposely seductive.

Camellia flicked a strand of her mesmerising red hair over her shoulder with a sassy flick of her wrist. "You're looking at the Alpha wolf here, dumbass. Now I suggest you give me a good reason for being here and I might let you leave unharmed."

The wolf said nothing in regard to her threat, causing Camellia's annoyance to grow as he was obviously one of those arrogant, mule-head Alpha males who think they can do whatever they want, especially in regards to the females of their species.

Well, he was going to be in for a shock, wasn't he?

"I am in search for my mate," he finally admitted.

That, however, only earned Camellia's ire. Yet another male who had heard of her striking beauty and power and wanted to calm her, her sexy body and wild lands as their own. He wasn't the first and he most certainly wasn't going to be the last.

It was so tiresome being this beautiful and powerful.

"Well, blue-eyes, that's rather unfortunate for you, isn't it?" Camellia said as she studied her nails in a dramatic display of boredom and disinterest. "If you came all this way to woo me, you're wasting your time. I'm Queen here and I submit to no one. If you want to be my mate, you will submit to me, you understand? Of course, you can try to take me, but it will be your grave."

Astonishingly, the wolf before her simply quirked his head to the side, seemingly unfazed by her warning and threat. He almost looked haughtily amused as he daringly paddled closer, moving purposely and mockingly slowly.

He was simply trying to get under her skin.

Suddenly, he moved with a speed she had never seen and appeared threateningly in front of her. So sudden was his appearance that Camellia unwillingly, and surprisingly foolishly, took a step back. Still, he stood hunched before, looking ready to pounce.

He, unexpectedly, sniffed her for her scent with a twitch of his nose but then, much to Camellia's surprise, he snorted in what could only be described as mocking amusement. He then gave this half-chuckle noise, his canine features almost shifting into a smirk as he pulled away from her, slinking around her almost as a vulture would. He seemed conceited and smug about something.

Camellia growled threateningly in her throat. It was obviously that he just sensed her great strength and was probably in the process of thinking up a seductive plan to win her over. He was certain to use that rugged, mysterious manly charm he thought he possessed to make her swoon at his words.

What a fool. She was the great Crimson Wolf. She would submit to no one.

The mysterious werewolf snorted with a sense of mirth at her as he slowly began to slink back into the shadows, his blue eyes watching her carefully. "Just as I had anticipated," he murmured with a growl, one that would have sent shivers down the spines of those other weak women in this town and flush foolishly. "Hardly a threat."

"I'll show you a threat," Camellia snarled viciously, dangerously, her ice coloured eyes narrowing in a frightening manner. "Do not underestimate me for my gender, fool."

Another chuckled rung out like an owl's call in the night before he disappeared into the shadows, his heady, manly scent floating away on the wind like an earthy aftershave.

And he left Camellia feeling absolutely pissed off!