I know there are LOTS of mistakes in this story and I have only started editing the first two chapters — there are still many things I want to change, though— but for now, I've fixed her age in THE EDITED CHAPTERS ONLY. I will go back to editing OTHER CHAPTERS some other time, but for those of you confused about the characters' age:

Erin is sixteen, a junior, because her birthday is in November.

Tyler is seventeen, because his birthday's in June (he'll turn eighteen then), and he's a senior.

Charley is sixteen, a junior.

Evan is seventeen, a senior.

You might see some inconsistencies in the plot and character details and personalities throughout the story, because again, I've edited some chapters but not all. I've tried to edit them so that the overrall plot would merge with the unedited chapters, and it would still make sort-of sense. But the little things like the setting (the story's timeframe is all over the place), and the age, and the personalities will be different.

Sorry about the inconvenience! I hope the story can still entertain you enough to read through it. Please remember as well that when I started and finish this story, it was my first original work and I was but a child :') There will be many mistakes and my writing has hopefully improved since then.

Anyway, sorry again, and please continue on!