NOTE: This is the Second book in My Series. :) Please read Erika first. You can find it on my Page. Thankies!!

Erika: Into the Darkness

~Nine Weeks Later~


"They're coming, they're coming!" Sasha squealed, running to fetch Moka who was busy gathering water.

Erika lay on the grass, her back perched up against a tree.

"Come on, Erika," Jink soothed. Erika grasped his hand, threatening to break it. But Jink only pulled a few strands of stray hair away from Erika's face. "You can do this."

Erika's body shook as another contraction came over her. She breathed rapidly, teeth clenched together and eyes wide and full of pain.

"I'm here!" Moka shouted before she came into view, panting. She held out a container filled with water. Kai and Bardon were waiting in the cave. 'This is a females job.' Moka had told them.

Moka rushed to Erika's side, patting some cool water on her forehead. She then bent down, placing a hand on Erika's swollen belly, feeling it. She had a concentrated look on her face before looking up at Erika and Jink with smiling eyes.


"Three?" Erika breathed. "How long is this going to take?"

Moka laughed quietly, patting Erika's head as another contraction took her. "Don't worry, it'll fly by… and when it's over you'll have three beautiful kits." Erika just nodded, breathing fast again.

"And… they're healthy?" Jink asked nervously.

"As far as I can tell. Don't worry yourself too much about it." Jink nodded, rubbing some more cool water on Erika.

It was a couple hours later before the first kitten slid onto the grass. Erika let out a cry of pain as Moka quickly picked the kit up, licking the sack off of it. When it was clean, she handed the baby to Jink.

Jink took the baby in his arms, eyes shining. "She's beautiful, Erika." He whispered. "Look." Erika managed to glance up at the baby girl. It was Golden, like her, with a white belly.

"She's looks like you." Moka commented. Then she returned to her work. A little time away and a second kit plopped into the grass. Moka repeated the licking treatment before instructing Sasha to sit down and not move, giving her the kit. The second kit was also Female, and was a silvery blue color. She had a little white mark on her shoulder the shape of a half moon. Sasha marveled and Cooed over the kit as Erika arched her back as another contraction shook her. Jink squeezed Erika's hand harder as she breathed harshly.

The last kit came out around Sunset. Moka quickly cleaned it off, handing it to Erika.

"It's a boy." Jink said to her. Erika sighed, gently rubbing her hands along it's tiny belly. It was a dark brown, and it's eyes were, like hers, Golden. She ignored the fact that it looked liked Koru, only gazing at it with love and affection. Sasha came up, handing the blue/gray kit to Erika as well.

"Two females and a male." Moka told Bardon and Kai when they came.

"Wow." Bardon breathed, kneeling besides Erika, gazing at the kits. "They're beautiful."

Kai came up to where Sasha was. "Look at it's shoulder!" Sasha pointed to the little half moon on the kits shoulder. Everyone turned their heads around to look at the kit that was nestled against Erika's chest. The kit, as if sensing the attention it was getting, turned it's head towards them, opening it's mouth and letting out a squeak. The group giggled.

"What are you going to call them?" Sasha asked Erika. Erika glanced up at Jink, who smiled.

"You did all the work. You name them what you want." Erika smiled at him before thinking.

"I want to name the golden one Sage. And the Silvery Blue kit I'm going to name Allure."

"What about the Male?" Kai asked.

Erika looked at the male for a second, finally giving a small smile. "Valiant."


Sasha was bubbling with excitement as Erika and Jink went back to the cave with their new born Kits. She was going to be like an older Sister! She'd do everything with them, like help raise them, play with them, and when they were old enough, they'd go off and explore the land that Moka had shown them. Grinning from cheek to cheek, Sasha skipped away from the rest of the group. She'd go find a special gift to bring back to Erika. Like a pretty flower or stone.

Sasha skipped over a small stream when she stopped. A dense forest was in front of her now. Sasha decided whether she should continue forward or not, finally deciding to go. She'd probably find really cool things in there! A couple yards in and Sasha felt the fur on the top of her neck crawl. Spinning around, she saw nothing. Getting nervous, she decided to turn back. But when she took a step forward, she stopped, crying out in Horror.

A ghostly figure appeared before her… it's dark fur whirling and transparent. Koru. This couldn't be possible! Erika had said herself that Jink had killed Koru. With trembling hands, Sasha reached out and her eyes widened in shock when she pushed her hand right through Koru's middle.

"You're dead." Sasha whispered shakily.

"True." Sasha jumped when Koru replied. "But not in the way you would think."

"What are you doing here?" Sasha snarled. But Koru just shrugged, holding his arms out in an innocent gesture.

"I'm not completely sure. Unfortunately I am not allowed to go anywhere I please."

"What do you mean?"

"It seems that I am bound to certain areas. For one, the edge of this forest is surrounded by an invisible Force field that I am not allowed to pass."

"So you can't reach Erika or Jink?" Koru shook his head and Sasha sighed in relief, making Koru smirk.

"I see they've told you about me?"

"Yeah, and I know you're a killer who wants revenge on Jink for stealing Erika away from you." Koru grimaced at Sasha but shrugged.

"Not anymore. I've seen the more important things in life now."

"Like what?"

"I can't say. But you know, it's awful lonely being in this forest all by myself. Could you visit me again tomorrow?"

Sasha narrowed her eyes. "Maybe."

"It was nice talking to you, Sasha." Koru said before his form disappeared into the air.