Well, Here's my first story for this account. Its a vampire/slayerfic, very loosely based off of Buffy, and I'm using a fanfiction I read as a sort of guide. It's also slash, shounene-ai, boy love, m/m, whatever you know it as, so if you don't like, then don't read it. If you don't mind it, and decide to read, then, I really don't want to hear about how you wish I'd change the pairings. Anyway, enjoy the story.

Chapter One: Salad Days

Coined by William Shakespeare, in Anthony and Cleopatra, act 1, sc. 5:

'My salad days, when I was green in judgment.'

Salad days (plural only)

A period of inexperienced youthful innocence accompanied by enthusiasm and idealism.

Nire Salad had never had the best luck. Which explains why he'd been picked to become the new 'chosen one'. A slayer, defender of man kind, destroyer of ne'er do wells, and evil. The Gli Ispettori hadn't even trained the boy. Their Leader, Alec had just popped in and told him he was the new all powerful protector, he had no choice or say in the matter, and he and his family would be in danger until he died, oh and everything he needed to know could be found in this handy dandy slayers guide. Perfect, was all the boy had been able to think sarcastically the entire time. But could anyone blame him? The Gli Ispettori were hardly doing their job properly. But despite all of Nire's protests he began patrolling every night. He was no stranger to death. Before the age of eleven he'd already had at least five near-death experiences and been hospitalized after two of the accidents. And by the age of 14 both of his parents had been burned to death during a fire, which left him in the care of his just barely sixteen-year old sister.

Nire sighed pushing up off the tree he'd been resting against. That damned vampire had been trying to off him for the past month and he had yet to see him at all that night. It was a little nerve wracking.

"You getting nervous?" Pamala asked teasingly drawing back her hackles in a weird dog-smirk.

"Shut up, Pam. You'd be a little on edge if the parasitic bastard that's been trying to rip your throat out and consume you for the past month regularly, had yet to show his pale face."

"No I think I'd be relieved." The wolf nodded her head, "Hand me my clothes, I'm gonna go change back." Pamala took the clothes in her mouth and padded off deeper into the woods.

"You know, Your sister has a point, you should be happy I'm not attacking you tonight." A smooth, decidedly arrogant voice muttered from beside Nire. Nire took no time, whirling away from the tree and pulling out a stake in the process. In the six months he'd been slaying, he'd discovered that almost everything the myths led you to believe about how to kill or ward off vampires, was pretty much true, with the exception of Holy water, Garlic, and Crosses(though Crosses and Holy water were not bad if you merely intended to irritate the vamps skin.) but stakes, sunlight, and fire worked perfectly fine. Nire had even discovered that, if you could get a vampire to loose enough of the blood it had stolen, it would turn to dust. The less blood a vampire had in his system the weaker it was. And there were ways to tell if vampires were underfed or not. Many of which the vampire was sporting.

"You look like shit, Felix." Nire stated taking in the vampires almost translucent skin, dull aquamarine eyes, and the vampire was probably much colder than he should be. "When was the last time you ate..?" as far as Nire knew it took up to nine days for all the symptoms of malnourishment to show on a vampire. Any longer than that and serious lapses in personality would begin to appear, and since Felix appeared to still be the same arrogant over-confident man that he always seemed to be, Nire could only assume, he was borderline his eighth maybe tenth day with little to no blood.

"Nine days ago." The vampire said stonily, as if he blamed Nire for his suffering. "Are you worried about me slayer? Because honestly I'm honored."

"Ha, as if. I'm just glad for the easy win." the teen sneered his cheeks coloring a light red.

"I don't intend to fight you." Felix said simply before scrunching his nose in disgust. "Your sisters coming back, I'm leaving."

"Hey! Wait!" the boy called out but it was too late, the man had already run to avoid the stench of his sister.

"Who were you-Ugh, it smells like that vampire!" The now light brown haired woman exclaimed clasping her hand over her nose in an attempt to block out the smell.

"He just left." the boy sighed putting the stake away. Out of all the Vampires Nire had come across, that man was the single most confusing one. They'd been trying to kill each other for the past month, and Nire had the scars to prove that the vamp, was no push over. He had at least three bite marks. On their first meeting, Nire had underestimated the vampires power and age. And he'd barely escaped that battle, with the bite wound on his side pouring blood. During their fifth fight, Nire had become distracted by his sister and the rouge werewolf he'd been hunting, that was when Pamala had been bitten. He left there with his sister sporting an arm horribly maimed, while Nire himself had another bite wound on his shoulder, not too far from his neck. Not too long after, Felix had managed to slip through Nire's guard and get a hold of his wrist. Shuddering at the memory of how utterly terrifying Felix could be Nire faced his sister.

"What do Vampires smell like, most times I can only smell the blood on them." he asked. His sister stared at him for a moment before letting her arms fall back to her sides and facing her brother full on.

"Death. The smell like death. Blood, decay, fear, sex, sin. And they smell cursed."

"I hate Zombies. Why do you always drag me along, when you're hunting Zombies?"

"Because, Aiden, you're so utterly amazing at killing them."

"You mean, that when I kick into survival mode with a base ball bat, the zombie's are too busy eating wood, to be bothered with my flesh?" The tall man asked haughtily.

"Pretty much." the much shorter younger man said with a shrug.

"I hate you."

"You wouldn't be my best friend if you hated me." The older man grunted in reply, running a hand through his short spiked blond hair.

"You know, if I die an early death, I'm coming back to haunt you-"


"What is it?" Aiden asked becoming alert all at once. Before Nire had any chance to explain what he thought it might be, a tall well built tanned man stepped from the woods, and a tall pale woman came with him, her high cheek bones shining in the moonlight.

"Slayer. We have a favor to ask of you." the woman said in a tone of contempt.

"What could the cat-people possibly want with me?" Nire sighed

"You could possibly address us in a more formal tone, perhaps call us by our formal name."

"I'm Sorry. What is it the Gata want from me?"

"The Lycan's, Have encroached on our land. The body of one of their females, was found just outside of their territory, and they want a fight. They won't believe we had nothing to do with it. Simply because our fights have taken place in more recent years than theirs with the vampires, and they say the daemons, aren't worried about them." the woman said bitterly.

"How do you expect me to help with that?"

"Inspect the body, they like you, you kill the vampires. Determine what mutilated the body to that degree, you're here to hunt zombies? Correct? Ahanu, will hunt for you tonight if it means you can identify the means of the death by morning and get those damned dogs off our land sooner. Please." the woman said desperation and venom clear in every ounce of her silky voice.

"Fine, take me to your troupe."

"Thank you slayer!"

"Call me Nire, please."

"Of course. My name is Shani. I am the Troupe Elder. You are doing us a great favor."

"You're the elder, but you only look twenty!" Aiden couldn't help but exclaim

"I'm a hundred and five." The woman said with pride

"No way."

"I wouldn't lie."

"Well, This seriously is beyond anything a Gata can do. I'm sorry. This was done by Squirrel daemon. I can't think of any other thing that leaves these kind of traces behind. Squirrel Daemon are fond of attacking females, especially distinct ones, they like Lycan's and Gata, and the bodies missing its intestines, the heart, liver and lungs, almost all bodies mutilated by Squirrel Daemons, turn up missing all of those parts."

"Are you sure, Slayer."

"There's no mistake. There can't be. I can hunt it down-"

"No, we'll track it, Don't worry yourself with our affairs." The redheaded man said solemnly. "As for you, we are sorry we jumped to such conclusions. We apologize for the trouble we have forced upon your Troupe."

"It'll all be forgotten as soon as your pack in gone." Shani said with a tight humorless smile. The man nodded before turning back into a wolf, he sprinted away into the woods and back to his pack.

"Thank you again, slay- I mean Nire."

"No problem." Nire said. The woman seemingly out of no where leaned down and pecked the boy lightly on the cheek.

"w-what was that for?" the boy stuttered his cheeks burning crimson. He didn't quite consider himself gay, but he definitely wasn't that into girls.

"It was a thank you." Shani said rubbing her nose against Nire's before drawing back. "We are forever indebted, you have no idea, the magnitude of the war you just prevented."

"W-whatever." Nire attempted to seem nonchalant, but failed.

"Haha, you are still so young. Good luck in your time to come, you especially are going to need it, with that friend you'll have."

Nire flinched, his eyes opening. He glanced around blearily for a minute before remembering where he was. He stood from his desk, weaving through the empty rows before stopping in front of his teachers desk. His own sky blue eyes met with the twenty-five year old's green ones. The man, was skinny and, as far as Nire could tell, in good shape, he wasn't much taller than the boy, but he was still a good few inches ahead, most people were. He had short mussed light brown hair, and thin angular features.

"Thanks Mr. Hart, You're always there when I need a place to nap."

"No problem, though what you do, that makes you so tired, I'll never know." Aaron smiled. He really did worry about the boy. If he didn't have direct knowledge that the boys parents were dead, and hadn't known his sister for all of her high school career, he'd of assumed he lived in an abusive home. But that couldn't be the case. He'd seen how close the boy and Pamala were. It wasn't that, and the boy was constantly sleepy, which suggested, there was something else, all of the wounds could be from something else, maybe he was just a bit overly sexual active? Since most of his injuries were light bruising, and Aaron knew for a fact, the scar on the boys shoulder, was from a pair of teeth. Bondage, maybe?

"I shouldn't tell you this, but...I battle monsters and creatures of the night, mostly the undead though." the boy said with a smirk.

"Ahaha, I'm sure you do a great job. Haha, lunch is almost over, you should start heading towards your next class."

"Whatever you say Mr. Hart." Nire said waving as he made his way out the classroom door. "Thanks again." Aaron watched the boy go before turning back to his lap top.

'idle inquiries: I do hope we will have a chance to see each other again. I really did enjoy myself the other day.' That was the top comment on Aaron's page. Smiling Aaron typed out a reply.

'Scientifically inept: I would love to! Maybe this Saturday? I have no papers to grade then.' He logged off as the lunchbell rang, shutting the laptop down and standing to greet the incoming class.

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