Chapter two of Insomiatic.

Russian roulette

(idiomatic, games) A deadly game in which a person loads a single bullet in the cylinder of a revolver, spins the cylinder so that the location of the bullet is unknown, points the weapon at his/her head, and pulls the trigger. In its most lethal form, played by multiple participants each of whom takes a turn until the weapon discharges.

Aiden sighed, just waiting for the sky to turn dark, and for the sun to disappear over the horizon.

He hated his day job, it couldn't compare to his night job. How many people could honestly say they mixed drinks for the undead and inhuman? Not very many. During the night hours Aiden worked at bar for the supernatural called Blood Bank. Working there meant that he was privy to a good majority of the gossip going around, and he was kind of like Nire's informant as well as his best friend. But working at Blood Bank was no joke. It was like a constant game of Russian roulette. Something Aiden's boss, Relic, reminded him of nightly. But despite all of the warnings he received from both Nire and Relic, he couldn't help but have a small fondness for some of the creatures that came in and out of the bar. Like Artemis for instance, he was a daemon, but he wouldn't harm a fly. And there was also Erin, he was a vampire but he didn't hunt humans, and he was pleasant enough to talk to, even if he was smashed a good portion of the time. He was also one of the older vampires in the city, which was rare, and probably one of the reasons the city was so dangerous at night.

Their city seemed to be the cliché for vampires and creatures of the night. It was dark, and dirty, with alleyways all over the place. It had a huge park as well, with a huge wood surrounding it. Graveyards dotted the city everywhere each with their own large, neglected woods.

Snapping from his daze, Aiden realized that the sun had sunk low without him noticing. Smiling happily to himself he locked up and headed down the street weaving through alleys until he arrived at his destination.

It was a run down pub centered in an alley just off of the street, giving it a slightly inconspicuous look, and if you didn't know just what you were looking for, it was easy to pass up. Aiden pushed the door open and headed straight to the back, removing his dress shirt from the café on the way.

"What'd I tell you about removing articles of clothing before you reach the back, in my bar?" a chilly voice asked from behind Aiden. He could feel the goose bumps forming on his pale back.

"Er, you said not to do it, didn't you?" the young man asked turning to face his boss.

Relic was a tall skinny man, with short raven hair and hazel eyes. His arms were covered in scars and tattoos. And the man gave off a highly intimidating aura, and though he was just a big softie, the intimidation was not lost on Aiden

"Yes, I did, what did I say I was going to do to you if I caught you doing it again?"

"Oh god, please don't impale me on the nearest flag pole, I'm begging you, Relic pleeeasssee!? Who's gonna look out for Nire in my place, and I'm pretty sure, I'm fairly decent eye candy for a few of the customers~!" Aiden whined clasping his hands together in front of him, a small pout on his face.

"Huh, whatever, fine. Hurry up and go change."

"Thank you Relic!" The younger man exclaimed rushing to the back room, removing a ratty, worn shirt from his messenger bag as he went. Relic shook his head before walking behind the counter, and propping his tanned face on his equally tanned arms. 'That boy is a pain in my side' Relic thought simply, watching the door for customers.

Felix had the boy pinned to the wall, his own lips pressed to the boy's collar bone. He bit down on it lightly making the nameless boy moan.

"More." the boy moaned out twisting his hands in Felix's shoulder length silver hair. Smirking Felix licked the wound, his saliva mending it slowly. He liked his dinner either sexually heightened or full of fear. Tonight he had opted for the first.

"Whatever you say." he said bringing his frozen lips to the pulse line on the boys neck. He bit down causing the boy to gasp out in delight. Typically, Felix chose not to drain his victims dry, and often enough left them disoriented to fall prey to whatever creature found them. Whether they made it home alive or were offed by another vampire, was not his concern. But tonight, he found himself taking more than he'd meant to, greedily sucking the boy dry. It had been the first real meal he'd had in ten days. He blamed the Slayer wholeheartedly for that.

He'd been unable to escape thoughts of the boy, and it had made him extremely anxious. Why should he have to have his thoughts invaded by the teenager he had been trying to kill? He hadn't liked it, but with those thoughts, he'd discovered he found the boy quiet attractive. He enjoyed their little sarcastic remarks towards each other, and how enchanting the boy's eyes were. He also discovered that unlike with the slayers before, he didn't wish it to end, he'd miss seeing the boy's nervous expression, and he wanted to remember the boy smiling happily and laughing with him. He didn't want to see the slayer as a bloody corpse, ever.

A small chuckle escaped his lips as he wondered where the slayer was now. Sniffing he caught the faint scent of the boy and set off down the dark wet alley emerging onto a nearly empty street. He smirked, having not expected the boy to be nearly as close as he was.
Felix made his way across the street fallowing the scent he'd always found a bit delightful, and what made it even better, the slayers mutt of a sister wasn't with him. He was alone. The stench of dog wasn't there to cover up the sweet smell of coffee and vanilla. But, there was another, quite foreign scent. The smell of gardenia's and blood, not human blood, but animal blood. Wrinkling his nose Felix quickened his pace. No slayer of his was going to be caught dead near such filth. When he reached Nire, the boy was alone and oblivious to Felix's presence.

"Oi! Was there another vampire here just a second ago?"

"Fuck! Why do you always do that!? What, are you fallowing me!?" Nire exclaimed clutching his heart.

"Do what?"

"Sneak up on me! It's creepy!"

"Shhh." Felix said and in an instant he was beside Nire staring out into the forest. "I smell something." a few seconds after Felix spoke those words a young woman burst into the clearing skidding to a stop her long light brown hair a mess around her narrow face. Her huge amber eyes flickered between Nire and Felix before she straightened, brushing a few leaves and twigs from her hair.

"Oh. Um, hello." She had a thick accent and was clearly of the undead. She wore a tattered cream colored dress that revealed a long glistening scar across her chest. Her shoes were dangling from her slender fingers, her bare feet digging into the moist earth.

"Listen it be great if you let me pass. I mean no harm. I'm looking for my sister, see, she kind mad and when she mad, she really dangerous...wait...I know-Robin! No! Wait!" No sooner had the woman said that had another vampire pounced from the trees and tackled Felix. There was a tremendous amount of hissing and rolling around. Nire had now fully taken out the stake ready to defend himself at any moment, and debating whether or not helping Felix would be too dangerous, when the girl yelled out again.

"Robin! Stop! Das ist die neue Slayer! Und seine Vampir. Vielleicht wissen sie Nola. TöTET IHN NICHT!!" The vampire stopped, With Felix unable to attack beneath him. Slowly he stood retreating to the edge of the clearing muttering his apologies. The woman glared at him before turning a bright smile on Nire and Felix. Felix halted in the middle of standing and he and Nire blinked.

"Sooo...You who they chose to replace me. Not often a slayer meet at their successor. I see you take after in more than just career choice." The woman giggled looking from Nire, to Felix and then to the male vampire, Robin. "Anyways. My name is Dianna Armstrong; I was slayer before you. I nearly died in battle, but I my sister turn me, and then run off. I've been looking for her the past year, tracked her here. Her name is Nola Lewis, a very famous Hunter. Maybe, you hear sightings of a vampire that look very similar, roaming these parts?" Dianna asked a hopeful expression on her face. Nire glanced back at Felix hoping the vampire would help him, but the expression on his face stated clearly, that he wanted nothing to do with this.

"I haven't, but I can ask Aiden, or Relic."

"Relic? You know Relic?"

"Uh, yeah, he's been taking care of me and my sister since our parents died. You know him."

"Yes he took care me and my sister, when our foster parents kicked us out. He retired about four years ago, and moved from Germany. I hear he was somewhere, in states, but, I didn't know he was here. Take me to see him. Will you?"


"What the hell. I leave you for four years and you show up as blood sucker!?" Relic exclaimed "Where's your sister. Tell me at least she's still breathing."

"Well...No, she the one that turned me. And for her where about, I was hoping you help me with that. She run off after she change me. It's been year, but we manage to track her down to this area."

"Is that so."

"Yes, I hoping maybe you have information, that maybe, lead us to her."

"Mmmm, Well, there is a rumor going around about a very powerful, very young female vampire hiding out in the woods over by the mountains...But, well...It's a risky lead."

"That good enough! C'mon Robin, Nire."

"Hold on, no, Nire's not going."

"Wha-why not!?"

"Because, if your sister were still human, maybe then he'd still have a chance of surviving, but I'm not going to knowingly send him off to his death."

"Oh, Relic! I be with him, and Robin!" Dianna pleaded through clenched teeth.

"No! It's not happening."

"So, you smell anything?" Was Nire's innocent question

"No." was Felix's curt response

"Thanks, Nire for helping me."

"But we haven't-"

"Still, I know how much pain the ass this duty is, especially and school and stuff. So, Thank you!"


"Nire. Can I ask you something."

"What?" Felix hopped down next to him, taking his arm in his hand and guiding him through he brush to a more secluded, far off area.

"Why are you helping them."

"What's it to you, its my choice. I appreciate you helping and not trying to rip my head off today, but I'm honestly a little more worried about you than them."

"...But I don't wish to hunt you anymore...And they're foreign, the girls a fledgling, whether she was a slayer or not, no fledgling has perfect control for the first three years. And Relic even said so, You're in danger."

"Yeah, but he let up. SO he obviously trusts them, and either he trusts you too for some reason, or he trusts they won't let you harm me. So as long as Relic gives them his approval, then they have mine. too, i guess for the moment...So lets go find Dianna's sister, and we'll put you to the test..."

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