A/N: i just wrote this because i was reading a few depressing things on FicPress and i wanted to have a depressing poem of my own. First poem ever posted!!! so yes, just read. no one has to comment, i'm just doing this for fun.


On the outside, my world seems like a paradise.

But on the inside, my world is a torturous nightmare.

People call my hair pretty and easy to handle,

When really it's a pain in my ass that I wish I could just cut off.

Others say that my house is beautiful and the yard so colorful,

But they don't know the work that I have to do to keep it that way.

My friends say that my parents are cool and wish theirs' were like mine,

But they can't hear the things they say to me after they've left.

Family members look at my grades and say so easily, "Oh, she's the smart one,"

When they don't know that half of how much I do in school to keep them that way.

Other teams say that whatever sport I play I make them look easy,

But they don't know what the coaches tell us and make us do after a loss, teaching us to always win.

Schoolmates comment that I have a great big family,

When they've never seen that half the Thanksgiving table is empty because of on-going arguments.

And lastly, my family may look like we're all pretty well rounded,

When really, we're all just striving to cover up the plentiful bad spots left behind from my cousins bad doings.

So yes, on the outside, my life seems pretty easy to live,

But if you get close enough to the inside, you can see that this is just the beginning of it all coming, crumbing, down around me.

A/N: Ahhhh, yep. poetry. it's great for getting out raw emotions!!! anyway, i just wrote this, like minutes before posting it. so if u want to comment, please do. but no one has to. because i just don't care with this one :D