"Takeshi, your father requires your presence," a servant cried as she hurried up to me. I looked up from my meal, idly chewing on a piece of filet mignon. I wiped my mouth with a napkin and said, "Understood, I'm on my way.". I started off briskly, headed towards the top floor of the mansion that Father owned.

As I approached the door of his office, I stepped to the side a bit and watched as a dagger buried itself in the door. Without looking, I whipped my hand backwards over my shoulder and heard my sister cry out as my own dagger pinned both a passing fly and the collar of her dress to the wall. I snorted as I pushed open the door and immediately bowed down. A dart passed over my head and came very close to hitting Asuna in the face.

"Good afternoon, Father," I said as I rose from my bow. Asuna stormed through the door and bowed next to me.

Father put down his blowpipe and clasped his hands together as he said, "Good job Takeshi, your reflexes and your area awareness are excellent. Asuna, you must work on your silent movement, even I could hear you clomping up the stairs.

Asuna scowled and looked away.

"Well, let's get to business. I'm sending you both to Japan." Father spun in his swivel chair to look out of the window. "I know that our family originally came from Japan, but we haven't been active enough in the area. A corrupt politician has risen, and I'm sending you two to do it."

Asuna looked up indignantly. "I understand why you're sending me, but why Takeshi? He's only fourteen, for Pete's sake."

Father snorted. "Age does not matter. Shouldn't that last display of aggression speak for itself?"

Asuna colored and looked down, fuming. I looked up and said, "But Father, isn't it a little late in their school year? It's nearly Spring Break for them."

Father glanced at me. "That's why you're going in for their next term. I want you to study their culture and their way of life in person."

Father waved a hand dismissively. "Pack your bags. You leave within the hour. Only pack weapons, You will buy all of your clothes in Japan."

Asuna suddenly turned a despairing gaze upon Father. "But Fatherrrr! I want to bring my clothes."

Father turned to glare at her. "No exceptions. Am I clear?"

Asuna drooped a little. "Yes, Father."

One private plane flight later...

We walked up to the home that we had bought. Asuna groaned. "Why did Father buy such a small space? I won't have anywhere to put my clothes."

I shook my head. "Didn't you see the blueprints of his house? And the armed bodyguards he has? Day and night surveillance from the police? State of the art security system? We'll be caught in no time."

Asuna shuddered. "And I'm supposed to get close to his son to kill him? Eeewww."

I laughed. "But you said he was cute."

Asuna glared. "Until I saw his grades. He's barely able to pass his classes.

I laughed again. "Now you'll have a boyfriend with an equal level of intelligence."

Asuna aimed a roundhouse kick at my side, but I dodged and made my way up to the door of the house. It really wasn't all that big, but would make do for now.

Asuna hurried upstairs and stopped short at the doorway to her room. She turned around and cried, "Takeshi, why is this closet so small? I won't be able to fit my clothes in here!"

I scratched the back of my head, wondering how to say it. "Well, um, the thing is, that's not a closet."

Asuna suddenly sent a horrified look at me. "Then this is..."

I nodded. "That's your room. This area over here..." I walked up to the actual closet doors and pulled them open, "is the closet."

Asuna stared at the much smaller space. Then she wailed, "But where will all my clothes go?"

I shrugged. "Anywhere except for my room, the hallways, and our eating area." I pointed at the guest bedroom door. "Why don't you use that room?"

Asuna looked at the room, hope dawning on her face. Then she hugged me. "Thanks for helping me bro."

I muttered, "Only because you couldn't figure it out yourself, baka." Then, before Asuna could whack me, I dodged into my room and shut the door.

I looked around. There was a bed and a desk with a lamp and chair. I picked up my bag and I set it aside and plopped down on the bed. Soon I was fast asleep.

Something woke me up, and I had a dagger at their throat in an instant. That someone screamed in a high pitched voice and tried to scramble away, but I hooked a hand around their collar and held them back. I looked blearily at the girl struggling with my hand and sat up. I forgot myself and mumbled in English, "Who are you?". The girl stared at me, uncomprehendingly as she tried to pry my hand off her collar. She opened her mouth to scream again and in an instant, I had leapt out bed, flipped over her, and wrapped an arm around her, hand covering her mouth. "Who are you?" I said again, this time in Japanese.

The girl squirmed and tried to say something. I lifted my hand from her mouth and she said, "I'm Kaname Haruna, and your arm is squishing my boobs."

I looked down, saw that it was true, and shifted my arm down. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Nothing I say will really help, right?"

"Nope," I agreed. I dropped my arm and stepped back, sheathing my dagger. "But you seem harmless, so I'll let you go if you tell me the truth."

Haruna brushed off her collar, face pale. "You sure scared me with that knife of yours."

"It's a diamond-edged dagger with a hilt wrapped in silver wire. Not a knife."

Haruna suddenly was up in my face. "Diamond edged?" she gasped. "Luckyyyy," she squealed.

I sighed. "Did Asuna send you up here?"

She plopped down on my bed and shook her head. "Sahashi-sama sent me."


"Yup. I'm supposed to be your sparring partner and your tech support. Keep in mind that I'm a combat partner, not an assassin partner. I don't do that sneaky-sneaky crap."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I'll keep that in mind."

She threw a miffed look in my direction, then hopped off my bed. I yawned as she walked past me. As soon as she passed my side, she threw a punch at my stomach. I easily dodged and swept her legs out from under her. She swiped at my legs as she went down, but I swayed backwards and landed on the bed.

"Leave me alone," I said, and yawned. "I'm tired."

Haruna jumped up and leapt at me. "I will not let my partner be lazy!" she yelled. I merely rolled over and she hit the bed. Then I rolled back onto her body and fell asleep.

Some time later, I was woken up by a violent squirm from underneath me. I twisted my head and said, "I'll only free you if you promise not to ever attack me while I'm sleepy again."

A muffled slap on the bed was heard and I took that as a yes. I rolled over and Haruna's head came up, gasping for air. Haruna took a moment to catch her breath, then laughed. "You sure took me by surprise there. I forgot to mention. Sahashi-sama sent me with your new arm. It was finished right after you left, so he sent it to me."

I looked up. "Then what are we waiting for? Lets swap it now."

Haruna looked excited. "Yes, lets do so." She opened my closet doors and said, "Open sesame." The wall then beeped and slid down into the floor to reveal a room with all the things I needed to maintain my body.

Haruna started chatting about my new arm. "The engineers did such a good job! Your defensive capabilities have been upgraded, starting with a harder alloy metal for the outer armor, and it is now completely water and space proof. There are more slots for hidden weapons and it was auto-aim capabilities, which can be disabled."

I nodded. "Okay, disable them."

Haruna tapped a display on the wall. "Okey dokey, done! In the palm, you have the ability to produce a hidden blade for discreet kills, and the fingertips can be lengthened and sharpened, with possibility of poison tips."

I shook my head. "I'm going to be at school, it's prob'ly not a good idea to have poison on my fingers."

Haruna turned and tapped another display. "Done. It also has a form changing ability. Due to lots of small parts used in conjunction, you can rearrange your arm to different shapes. You can use two fingers to make a lockpick, use the entire arm to make a blade, or even make a fork out of your fingers. Oh, and I have contacts with tactical information to be used in conjunction with your arms and legs. It will provide you with a targeting recticle, so you can fire from the hip, and it will display the conditions of your arm and legs. If you get shot, it will be displayed.

I nodded. "Good."

Haruna shot me a look. "But be warned. With all of the new upgrades, your arm no longer has camouflage capabilities. You will need to hide it somehow."

I held up a roll of bandages. "No problem."

Haruna grinned. "Now lets get that thing attached." She took my shoulders and pushed me backwards. I stepped back into a ring, where various mechanical arms whirred around and got the necessary tools. Then, they started removing my arm.

It was painful, because despite the metal outside, the arm was connected to my nerves and managed to pick up feeling for me, so I could tell if someone was touching it. When it disconnected from my nervous system, it went a huge sense of pain up to my brain. I screamed once, then the arm, and the pain along with it, was gone. Haruna picked up the shiniest arm out of the ground and I groaned. It wasn't going to be easy to explain it when it was so shiny and complicated looking.

I asked, "Can you paint it a dull gray first?"

Haruna nodded. "Sure." She held out the arm, and one of the mechanical arms took it. Two other arms whirled around it, hissing paint, until it was a matte gray, not as attention grabbing as before. Then Haruna held it up to my torso. With spiking bursts of pain, the arms started to attached it to my torso.

Haruna held up a hand. "Stop," she ordered. The arms obediently drew back and waited. She walked up to me. "I have to drill a new hole into your body, since this arm uses a new chemical for operation. It will enter your body through a new tube and enter your bloodstream." She stared at me. "The new chemical will turn your blood black, so don't be alarmed. It is addicting, but I think you can handle it.

I nodded understanding, then relaxed as Haruna poked a syringe into my arm. The surrounding area numbed quickly. Then I flinched back as Haruna hefted a real drill.

Haruna started laughing. "Of course I'm not going to use this!"

I relaxed. In that moment, she darted forward and… used the drill to make a hole in my arm. I screamed again, but more in surprise than pain. Soon, she was done, and the new tube was in place. Then the machines went to work to attach my new arm.

Soon, it was attached. Haruna fussed over it, then looked at me. "I'm going to start the flow of the new chemical. We've never used it before, so you are the guinea pig."

Since the tube was opaque, I couldn't tell what color the chemical was. After a moment, I could hear it flowing. That's when the trouble began.

As soon as the chemical started flowing through my bloodstream, tremors started to rack my body. Involuntary twitches and spasms ran up and down my body. Soon, I was spasming uncontrollably, and Haruna had to strap me down to the chair. I couldn't tell what expression she had because my head was twitching in the opposite direction. Then my vision exploded. The real world faded as an intense pain ran through my eyes. I screamed, then the world went black.


I woke to see Haruna picking up stray parts off the floor. The room was a mess, with parts and tools strewn everywhere. I looked around. "What happened?"

Haruna didn't look up. "The chemical was much stronger than I thought. It created such a shock to your system that your brain shut down for a couple minutes."

"So why is the room so messy?"

"For a couple moments during the test run, your eyes turned black, and every loose object in the room started floating. Your spasms also had a huge increase in speed."

I was confused. "Why did that happen?"

Haruna shrugged. "I have no friggin' idea. But it seems to be in reaction to the chemical. Your body seems to have adapted to the chemical. Can I take a blood sample?"

I shrugged. "I don't give a flying monkey's ass. Go ahead."

Haruna poked a syringe into my arm. "It looks like due to an unforeseen complication, the chemical is reacting with your brain. The chemical, as I now dub Venom, was supposed to strengthen your nerve centers. But apparently, it reacts to AB positive blood, which you have. It speeds up your reflexes by at least 80% and strengthens your muscles with a method that I can't explain. Not only that, but your appendix is showing unsual activity, and your brain is working at full capacity."

I lay there calmly, as I absorbed what Haruna had told me. As I lay there thinking, the door whooshed open and Asuna ran in.

"What happened!?" she asked, concerned. Aww. My annoying sister was worried. How precious.

"I dunno," I said. "Ask Haruna-san."

As Haruna started to explain, I resumed thinking about the chemical. So apparently, I had superhuman reflexes and powers. Hmm... I concentrated on Asuna, my eyes narrowing. After a moment, my vision darkened, and a draining sensation came from beneath my right armpit. As soon as the draining sensation stopped, Asuna's skirt blew up and exposed her puppie panties.

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