Another soon-to-be-broken friendship poem. Things are getting really out of hand with me and my bestie. We both know it but neither of us dear to end it.
Anyone who has been through it knows what I'm talking about.

The Change

I have pictures from where we were so small
sitting on a blanket; I think we could barely crawl.
You were the first friend I ever had.
Just by saying 'had' makes me so damn mad.

It's not like it's over, we still hang out.
You're still the one I know everything about.
You're still the one to make me laugh hard on the floor.
You're still the one I'd do anything for.

But something has changed, that we can't deny.
But maybe we're both too afraid to say goodbye.
We've always been together for God's sake!
What we have can't just brake!

You have some other friends too nowadays;
they're different from me in all kind of ways.
Am I being replaced? Is that what this is?
Or is it some kind of devotion-quiz?

You seem a lot happier with them still.
I need to ask, has my duty as a bestie come to fulfill?
You pretend to not notice but you see it too,
the term 'best friends' is no longer true.

Sooner or later this will end, you know.
We'll have a fight and that will be the end of the show.
I guess time really puts an end to it all…
even those who were together before they could crawl.

There's still so much I could say...

I love you girl, I hope you know that... but sometimes it doesn't seem enough.

. God, I'm so dramatic. DX