This is defiantly a very corny gory story! Something for guys and girls!

T h e H a l l o w e e n

H o u s e M a s s a c r e

P a r t 1

Bring Bring!!! The phone rang on the kitchen wall.

"Hello" Answered Sarah.

"Its Mum, guess what? I'll be out of town for the week. I've been called away on a business trip involving the usual work. Will you be ok on your own? Because if not I could arrange..."

"No Mum, I'll be fine, have fun." Sarah tried to keep the excitement out of her voice.

"But you must promise me no parties." Sarah's mum knew her well. "There's some money in the pot on the top shelf in the kitchen. Don't spend it all at once."

"Yes, yes ok mum. Take care; I'll be fine bye..."

Sarah put the phone down. She was really excited because she would be all alone all week and she could have a party. "This will be great, I can invite everyone, even Shane!" She said to herself. Shane was a new lush guy at school, popular, gorgeous and owned his own Porsche. Everybody wondered why he went to a state school if he could afford a Porsche. "I wish one day I could be cruising down the M4 in his black Porsche." She muttered but the idea of cruising on the M4 didn't offer quite the right fantasy.

As she was daydreaming about the luscious Shane the letter box opened. Wandering over to the front door whilst biting down on an apple, a small letter with no stamp fell at her feet. She glanced down at it picking it up. She nauseously opened the letter only to read.



As the letter dropped to her feet she gasped with horror. All that was whizzing around in her head was, who wrote that? Who wants to kill my mum?

Rather than call her mum to cheek she was ok like any normal person, Sarah assumed it was all a joke. Later that day she pushed the initial horror to back of her mind. "I'm determined to have fun. I mustn't let this get to me. It must be a joke." She told herself and started writing an invitation list to her party, not wanting any gate crashers.

Shane, Jen, Kirsty, Tyler, Katy, Damion, Leah, David and Billy.

P a r t 2

That night Sarah went to the supermarket for food and booze. She was setting out the food in the dining room when she heard a knock at the door. Suddenly the flashbacks built up. "the note this morning" Sarah whispered to herself.

She slowly walked to the front door switching all the lights on as she went. Her heart started to beat like a drum, getting louder as she walked closer to the door. She reached for the key and turned the lock, her heart was pounding. Before opening the door Sarah looked out the window nervously. All she could see and hear was the trees rustling in the wind. It was pitch black and gloomy wit shadows around the garden. Sarah opened the door slowly and silence filled the air. Not a comfortable silence, but a threatening silence that made her spine shivers in dread. Then there was an ear splitting scream that deafened her for a split second. A crowd of people came jumping out from the trees and bushes shouting. "Everyone deserves a good scare."

Everybody rushed into the house excitedly. The party began with the music raging out of the speakers and everyone was having a good time. Sarah forgot about her earlier troubles. After a while Leah went to the garage for more drinks.

"Yeah, there's more cider in the garage" called Sarah before sipping the last dregs from her bottle.

As Leah walked down the creaky hallway leading to the garage door, she felt someone looking at her. She could feel her pupils getting larger as she tried to adjust to the dim lighting. She was scared to blink as she passed some spooky pictures of some dead people that must have lived here before. She turned the handle and the door swung open. Breathing heavily she cautiously went in flicking the lights on, on her way.

As she grabbed the cider from the fridge, the lights flicked off. Shit she thought. Leah started to shake again; she heard footsteps behind her. Leah looked up and standing at the door were two black silhouettes, one carrying a sharp bladed knife, wearing a scream mask, the other one was dressed on a black cape with the Michael Myers mask on holding a chain saw. The room turned freezing. All that was giving off light was the fridge. She couldn't speak. Her throat was as dry as a summer's day and then she heard the voices.

"Trick or treat

Trick or treat

Candy of dandy

Murder is sweet"

They started laughing like clowns. Not sure whether she believed it, it might be a joke and she wasn't taking any chances. Completely freaked out she ran for the garage door, but before she could reach it. They grabbed the sharp bladed knife and jammed it into her back. Leah screamed but all you could here was the gargling of her blood in her throat and the crunching of her bones being snapped by the blade. They briskly yanked her backwards pulling out the knife which was coated in blood. Her body was draped over the fridge door, Leah not being able to move while she was shrieking. The other killer was chanting the rhyme.

"Trick or treat

Trick or treat

Candy of dandy

Murder is sweet"

The last thing Leah heard was the rhyme chanting through her head and the feel of the chain saw slicing through her neck. The killers left her body draped over the fridge door. With her decapitated head rolling along the floor, her body was left sliced and diced with her insides on the outside.

P a r t 3

Meanwhile at the party Sarah was having an excellent time. She had a dance with Shane and had had a lot to drink. All the latest gossip had been covered in the conversations. As Sarah was finishing her drink she spotted Katy and Billy walking hand in hand up the stairs, probably going to her mum's room. Sarah was so drunk she didn't take much notice.

Katy went to the bathroom while Billy was finishing his beer in the bedroom. Billy heard a dreadful shriek coming from the bathroom. It sounded like someone being strangled. He rushed into the bathroom, to his horror he saw Katy hanging from the shower hose.

Billy stepped backwards in shock whilst noticing then reading a bloody design on Katy's forehead "sweet murder!" Billy screamed and then ran for the door when he realised the words had been carved into her head. Before getting through the door Billy slipped on the wet blood.

The next thing Billy knew he was face to face with a person wearing the scream mask it had blood splattered all over it. Billy screeched, "Help me. My Girlfriend has been murdered." To his surprise the person just stood there staring at him. Suddenly he heard a terrifying rhyme.

"Trick or treat

Trick or treat

Candy of dandy

Murder is sweet"

The killer has an axe in his hand. He swung it at Billy's shoulder causing him to fall backwards and badly hurt his head.

P a r t 4

Downstairs they started to play spin the bottle. It came to Tyler and Kirsty. They had to fake a murder scene for a dare. Sarah was disappointed she didn't get to do a dare involving her and Tyler. Replicating the first murder in Scream 2 at the cinema, Kirsty had to play the psycho killer and Tyler had to play the victim.

In the room everyone sat quietly in suspense watching the scene unfold in front of them. The whole house was silent except for the screaming and groans of Tyler being stabbed in the stomach repeatedly. It sounded inhuman. At first everyone started laughing their heads off but rapidly something seemed wrong. Instead of corn syrup (A fake blood), it turned out to be real, all too real.

The screaming got louder and louder as Tyler was one step closer to death. Everyone was shocked and crying when the killer ran past them laughing, leaving Tyler O'Connell in a pool of his own blood.


Inspiration for this story is proberbly obvious.

Parts 5 to 8, up soon.