T h e H a l l o w e e n

H o u s e M a s s a c r e

P a r t 5

The killers ran laughing with pleasure. "Our plan is working" Kirsty said gleefully.

"All we have to do now is find Sarah and torture her to death" laughed Jen.

They ran to the conservatory windows tapping their knife's on the windows, splattering them with blood. Everyone inside was screaming, crying and running from the body. They all ran to the garage. The stairs creaked and echoed. In the garage they hoped there would be a car in which they could escape. Everyone gasped with horror at the sight of Leah's body draped over the fridge door.

"Everybody run!" Someone screamed.

A group of people came running out of the garage door into the open air of the garden.

Sarah still in shock ran to the phone. "Hello? Hello? Damn it!" She shouted as the lines were dead. Dropping the phone Sarah ran to the kitchen with fear. "I've got to get out of here" she muttered. Sarah ran through the kitchen door coming face to face with the killers.

Well, well we have finally got our victim in our grasps" Said Kirsty with an evil look on her face. Jen was stood there sharpening the knife with her nail.

"Watch a few movies take a few notes!" Laughed Kirsty.

"It was fun!" chuckled Jen with excitement.

Sarah backed up against the kitchen cabinets, tears streaming down her face with fear. She was sobbing with harsh jerks. Sobs which shook her whole body.

It's not a game Sarah" Jen said fiercely. "It's simple revenge. Pure and simple. You stole my man, so now I'm going to steal your life" said Jen discreetly.

"Why?" Questioned Sarah "What have I ever done to you? I thought we were friends?"

"So did I until you stole Shane. Everyone knew him and Jen were perfect together" said Kirsty.

"They were going out?" cried Sarah. "Listen I won't go out with him." She screamed.

"It's too late. Now you must die!" Kirsty shouted at the top of her voice.

Sarah was screaming and crying. Her heart was pounding as they grabbed her neck and yanked it backwards and forwards. All you could hear now was the sound of Sarah being strangled and her head smashing against the door frame.

Suddenly a big bang came from the front door and a crowd of police rushed in with weapons.

"Freeze" one of the officers shouted. The police pointed their guns at Kirsty and Jens head but it was no use. They were too quick. They grabbed Sarah by the neck with the knife blade scraping against her neck.

"If you shoot we kill her" shouted Jen. They backed away slowly towards the door. The police tried to shoot but completely missed. Swearing they ran after them.

P a r t 6

Kirsty, Jen and Sarah were already in the back garden. Sarah was practically unconscious, her head spinning from when they were hitting her. Without another thought in her head, they moved the blade across Sarah's throat slicing into the skin. Blood pouring out leaving her in a heap on the floor in a bath of her own blood. Laughing, Kirsty and Jen ran for the trees camouflaging themselves from the police.

Now the police were stood by Sarah shaking their heads and feeling sorry for her and her mum. The police found the number for the hotel where Sarah's mum was staying on the notice board in the kitchen, and called her.

"Hello, Mrs Cameron. This is detective inspector Trotter. I'm afraid we have some bad news for you. Your daughter has been murdered. I am very sorry."

Her mum was screaming down the phone. "Why? Why? Why? What happened?" As the police were examining the horrific scene at the Cameron house and explaining the story as they knew it to Sarah's mum, the news reporters arrived.

P a r t 7

"This is Tom Smith reporting live at the scene of this fascinating, yet tragic story of two seemingly normal teenager's hell bent on revenge. Revenge for what? We don't Know. It all started with a terrifying note through the door and ending in a blood bath. So far, the police have found five victims. They are: Leah Segway, Katy Summer and her boyfriend Billy Off-white. Tyler Denmark and who is thought to be the main victim Sarah Cameron. We are sure that they are not the only people who have been murdered and we think they will not be the last of these terrible murders, as the killers are still on the loose. The police are taking action on the matter and advise you to stay at home and lock your doors. We will give you more information about this shocking news story as the facts come in."

P a r t 8

A month later Shane was putting on his shoes and coat by the front door. He just getting over the Halloween house massacre as it had became known, and the terrifying story that surrounded Oxford when a note dropped at his feet. He opened the unmarked letter only to read

We've killed your secret admirer and now we're going to kill you.

Shane shouted. "Shit..."

T h e E n d