Hope is a cruel beast


Hope is a beautiful woman, a curvacuous being
ordered by a wrathful god and polished by his kin;
pain and sorrow await under this tawny skin,
enter them and leave them, unfeeling and unseeing.

in her eyes are the forest and the sea,
somber and dark, full of terrors and whispers,

alluring as only they can be.

careful! she's the sort for whom they raise banners,
ruling, with Aphrodite and Hermes' gifts, over mankind.
under the sheets, she spins her sweet web of lies,
even as the world crashes around her, and her disguise
leaves one but unable to control his own mind.

believer or not, she will not stop the dull aching;
escape is inconceivable, they will be bound
and locked behind fierce bars of their own making.
stay away from her, fool! she will open the wound,
tear it open, kill you. and they'll say: in hope he drowned.


Written for the Writing Challenge Contest, August '11, over at the Review Game, check the link in my profile. You can vote for my piece or someone else's.