Monday, August 09, 2010

Time: 8:05p.m


With the words she carves upon her skin

She grows further from her kin

She feels lonely, scared, and so very lost

Trying to keep up at every cost

Her father she cannot possibly face

The slowest runner in the whole race

Hate and fail is what she writes in red

These are the words she so very much dreads

She tries so hard and just seems to lose

This isn't the life that she tried to choose

When she thinks she did something to make him proud

He rants and he raves how better the crowd

She nods, then cries in her room

Doing what will soon be her doom

Turning her back on the world of today

Her old self gone, long locked away

No help from her friends or even her dad

And no, this isn't just some passing fad

She would be easy to try and save

But nobody tries, so she digs her own grave