The Octagon Society

Synopsis: A covert league of healers lead by a living Theurgist Cleric who is thought to be thousands of years old and his wife, the oldest sorceress alive. Both head the Octagon Society with the goal to heal and restore as well as defend without resorting to violence. Their purpose is to enlighten and encourage gently and to be helpers on this planet. When the Pentagon receives word of their secret hideout, they try to persuade them to use their powers for more worldly gain. Needless to say, the Octagons have no desire to kowtow to the government's demands until the head of the CIA threatens them with making their society known to the public. This means that their once serene life will be bombarded with people bursting down their doors simply to be cured, read minds, speak to their dead relatives or locate lost knickknacks of value.

~*~ CAST~*~

Raphael Othello: (Theurgic Cleric)

Bella Othello: (Sorceress)

Vincenzo Othello: (eldest son)

Elise Othello: (middle daughter)

Carmella Othello: (youngest daughter)

Ezekiel Stutsman: (Mystic)

Matthew Vance: (Priest)

Savanna DeMontana: (Shaman)

Veronica James: (Healer)




FBI Agent 1:

FBI Agent 2:

CIA Agent 1:

CIA Agent 2:

William Renko:

Ricardo Gambino:

Tatiana Gambino: (his devoted wife)

Scene 1--Healing from the Master

(It's a blizzard and a family is taking their ill daughter to a house out in the middle of the woods.)

Frank: Helen, can't you drive any faster ?

Helen: I'm trying, Frank. I'm trying. It's really hard to see through this thick snow.

And the roads are almost un-navigable.

Cindy: (coughs hard, coughing up blood)

Frank: Hang in there, Cyn. We're getting you to someone who can help you.

Cindy: (weakly) A doctor ? (coughs again)

Helen: In a way, yes. But this is something you must never tell anyone.

It's a secret, ok ?

Cindy: (meekly) I understand.

Frank: Just hold on a bit longer, honey bun.

Cindy: (groans in agony)

(The car eventually makes it to a pleasant house in the woods, where they stop and hoist Cindy inside, shivering all the way. They knock at the door and a man dressed in dark blue robes answers the doors, immediately taking Cindy in his arms.)

Bella: It would appear we have another guest.

Raphael: We do, my love. Hurry, start lighting candles ! I need as much light as

possible !

Bella: As you wish, Raphael.

Elise: I'll help, mother !

Carmella: Me too.

Vincenzo: (assisting as well) Do you require anything else, papa ?

Raphael: Actually, yes, Vincenzo. Fetch the Holy Water.

Vincenzo: Of course, papa.

(Everything is assembled to 'Saturn the Magician' and Raphael begins his Latin incantation. The candles light begins to sway and rise. A blinding light surrounds Cindy and by the end of the incantation, the flames return to normal.)

Helen: Is she healed, Theurgic Cleric ?

Raphael: (coming to her side at the table)

Cindy: (flutters open eyes, instinctually hugs him) Thank you, Sir. You saved my life. How can I repay you ?

Bella: She seems to be fine now, ma'am.

Helen: Thank you. Thank you all.

Frank: We don't know what we would've done had we not heard of you via word of mouth.

Raphael: Everything happens for a reason, my friend. (pats him on the shoulder) I am simply glad we happened to be here in this forest to help your daughter.

Cindy: (kisses his cheek) I love you !

Raphael: And I you, my little flower. (pats her on the head) Go on, now. Off you go !

Cindy: (getting off the table, she hugs the others as she leaves) Thank you so much.

Bella: Just remember that this locale is secret. (Finger to nose) No one else must know.

Frank: We're aware of that, Sorceress. We are just grateful for your help. No one else could help her, and you healed her. We're eternally thankful. For that, we'll keep your deeds under lock and key. Trust us.

Elise: I'm certain you can keep your word. Be careful out there. It's so white that the roads are nearly invisible.

Helen: Thank you for telling us. We'll be cautious.

(They leave)

Raphael: Elise, Carmella, Vincenzo !

All 3: Yes, papa ?

Raphael: Bella and I are very proud of you today. You are excelling as healers and magicians.

Elise: Only because we are learning from you and mama.

Carmella: I'm worried, though.

Bella: Why's that Carmella ?

Carmella: The people at our school are beginning to suspect us. They treat us differently. I think they know that we are unique in the world.

Bella: Come here my child. (embraces her) You have nothing to fret about. When I was young, my peers used to torment me as well but they never suspected I was a Sorceress.

Vince: How did you keep your abilities hidden ?

Bella: It wasn't easily. Especially if I fell and cut myself. I healed instantly without any trouble. Same thing with levitation. If someone ever got tripped in the hallway, I was always there to help them out even if they never saw me or repaid me for my kindness.

Elise: I don't think it's our classmates we have to worry about anyway.

(They walk into the kitchen and Raphael begins cooking dinner.)

Raphael: What do you mean by that, Elise ?

Elise: Recently, I have been seeing strange men wearing black suits following us.

I'm not sure where they are from, but they concern me greatly.

Vince: Carmella and I have seen them as well. Their auras are dingy. Not exactly trustworthy types. Negativity surrounds them.

Bella: That's troublesome. Have they been keeping their distance though ?

Vince: I can't really be absolutely for certain about that.

Raphael: Dinner is served, everyone !

Carmella: Ooo, fantastic ! It looks so pretty, dad !

Raphael: (chuckles) I've had eons of practice, my little angel.

(Everyone sits down to eat after praying)

All: Amen.

Elise: Let's EAT ! (digs in) Oh, ambrosial ! As ever before !

Bella: (a bit flirtatiously) Mmm…I don't know what is better. Your food or your passion.

Vince: (nudges his dad) Dad, you sly dog.

Raphael: The flames of love were never stronger between us, my lovely.

(knock at the door)

Bella: Who could that be at this hour ?

Raphael: I don't think it's a foe. Let me go see. (answers door)

Ezekiel: Raphael Othello ?

Raphael: (quietly) How did you know my name ?

Ezekiel: Our lot knows quite a bit, and we've come to join you.

Raphael: I don't understand what you are talking about but come inside out of the cold.

Ezekiel: Thank you.

Veronica: We have news to share with you.

Raphael: Firstly, could you tell me how you know me and who you are ?

Savanna: Of course we can. As you sensed, we're not enemies. We're friends.

I'm Savanna DeMontana, a Shaman. Our fearless leader is Ezekiel Stutsman.

Zeke: I'm a Mystic. Our resident Priest is Matthew.

Matthew: Matt will be fine, Zeke.

Zeke: (lighthearted laugh) Sorry, Matt. I don't mean to be so formal !

Veronica: And I'm Veronica, a Healer.

Zeke: We've all come to join the Octagon Society.

Raphael: But…how do you know ?

Zeke: Our kind is connected by our intentions and our very minds.

Bella: But why now ? We have remained somewhat dispersed over the passage of time, and for good reason.

Zeke: We are being followed. Watched by those who want to use our abilities for evil.

Vince: (a little embittered) I knew it. Those strange men in black…

Veronica: They have been following us too. That is why we felt that if we combined it would be easier to thwart them if they tried to finagle us into doing something against our wills.

Matt: We have to remain vigilant, everyone.

Savanna: Matt's right. We are all that remain. If our secret is released…

Zeke: Then we'll be persecuted by those who don't understand.

Raphael: (sighs deeply) You may join us. Consider yourself part of the Octagon Society.

Bella: There's strength in numbers and we're happy to have you.

Elise: Do you have any idea if we're still in danger, Zeke ?

Zeke: They haven't been able to locate us yet, thanks to the storm.

Veronica: But once there is a thaw, they'll start looking again.

Carmella: Mom, I'm frightened. I don't want men in black coming for us.

Bella: (calming her daughter by stroking her hair) If they do, we have kinsmen among us who will help.

Savanna: (nods) We'll be ready for whatever happens. Right now, I think it is best to continue our daily lives as we normally would but keep our eyes attuned to anything suspicious.

Vince: Don't worry, Savanna. We will. The Othellos are known for being sensitive to the unusual fluctuations of evil intent.

Bella: And as Othellos, we remain bound by the red thread of fate.

Raphael: Wherever that red thread may take us, we'll be together.

(They each grasp each others hand and the scene fades)

Scene 2--The Crooked Government

(On screen 'A Year Passes'. It's spring time and the Othellos have returned to school. The other members of the household go about doing things they normally would but return to the Othello residence at night to evade those individuals who would want to take advantage of their abilities.)

Carmella: Hey, everyone ! I'm home ! (hugs her mom and dad)

Bella: Welcome back my little tender heart.

Raphael: It's good to have you back.

Veronica: What did you learn in school today ?

Carmella: Well, we learned our times tables and parts of a sentence. We also learned about history and were taught how to speak Spanish.

Matt: That's really impressive !

Vince: (is unusually quiet)

Elise: Hey, big brother. Why are you so silent ?

Vince: (puts finger to his lips) We've been followed !

Savanna: By whom ? The men in black ?

Vince: (nods soberly)

Zeke: The time we feared has come at last.

Raphael: You knew they'd come for us eventually. I guess one of our clients finally lost their will and gave up our location.

Bella: You were aware that secrets are like that, my honey.

Raphael: (holding her close to him) Yes, tragically so. After having lived millennia to see it happen and to be betrayed so many times.

Veronica: The government can be very persuasive. This particular client, Jerry, I think his name was…

Bella: Oh, yes. He was the one that had spina bifida. He sends us Christmas cards every year with his family and dogs in them.

Veronica: The government caused him to snap.

Vince: How though ? What powers do they have ?

Zeke: They're persuasive. Be cautious.

Elise: We will be, and with you here we should have an even playing field.

Zeke: Don't count your chickens, Elise. You never know what cards they might have up their sleeves.

(Government agents come in)

William: (snaps finger, and they are surrounded, quite literally) You have no idea how challenging it was for us to actually locate you Octagons. Took us YEARS.

But now, at last here we are.

Raphael: (sparking with some energy around him) Don't you dare hurt anyone in my family !

William: Now, now. Why would I want to do that ? I have simply come for something that the government desperately wants. No…needs. This in our hands would give us insurmountable power. The power to win wars even without trying.

Bella: You speak of black magic, brainwasher !

William: (coming dangerously close to her) Mmm. Yes. And I know your type doesn't handle such matters. But, we were able to find a file about your husband here, Mrs. Othello. Apparently his master did do some dark magic in the past.

Raphael: (angered) Ricardo and I never saw eye to eye when it came to sorcery.

Necromancy is dangerous. I did my best to warn him of that. But it consumed him.

He became darkness itself. We had to flee from him for fear we would be destroyed by his awesome fortitude.

William: Since I know you and your Society don't practice the Dark Arts, I was wondering if Raphael knew where we could find Ricardo Gambino.

Raphael: (defiantly) And what if I refuse.

William: I could take your youngest, most innocent child and have her work as a soldier for our cause. Or, I could release your secret to the world. Some will revere you, others will seek you out to destroy you.

Vince: What do you need Gambino's power for anyway ?

William: I am not speaking with you, boy. I am speaking with your father. The HEAD of the household.

Vince: (seething with anger but manages to keep his cool)

Elise: (angered for her brother's and little sister's sake, but says nothing)

William: The reason I am in need of Ricardo's incredible force is to keep the peasants under our thumb. We live by the rule of Nobless Oblige. I'm sure you know of it.

Bella: You sick…twisted…demented…

William: And your spellbinding wife flatters me all the more. (strokes her chin lustfully)

Raphael: (electric sparks around him) We…know of it. (deflated) What must we do to help you locate him ?

William: There's a good lad. (pause) I don't verily know ! Do an incantation or something. Look through a scrything bowl. Whatever ! Just find him.

Raphael: (doing as he is told) He's in a secluded place in the farthest regions of the Ukraine. It may take days to locate him. The trail is very light. I can't really trace his aura. I fear he may be dying.

William: Tch. (regretfully) Oh, that's not good for our cause at all, now is it, Theurgic Cleric ?

Raphael: He has enough power to help you in whatever scheme you might have rambling in that murky brain of yours.

William: Where exactly, in the Ukraine can we find him ?

Raphael: (leans forward and whispers to him)

William: That's troublesome, but we'll be on our way. And if I were you, I wouldn't interfere.

(A CIA agent radios for a helicopter to come and take them away)

Elise: Dad, what does he mean by that ?

Raphael: What William means is…

Vince: Wait…William ? How do you know his name ?

Raphael: That's not important right now, Vince. (breathes and exhales sharply)

We have no other choice but to find Ricardo before he does.

Carmella: Why, though ?

Raphael: Humanity. We don't have much time. Come on. Everyone, link hands.

(They follow their father's command. Dramatic music plays in the background and they disappear. Scene fade.)

Scene 3--Must Be A Wrong Address

("Somewhere in the Ukraine" appears on screen. Ricardo Gambino lays dying on his bed attended to by his devout wife, Tatiana. Suddenly, the Othello family reappears in his house, frightening Tatiana severely.)

Tatiana: (cocking hunters shotgun) Who are you ? What do you want ?

Bella: We mean you no harm, Mrs. Gambino.

Ricardo: (seeing his 'student' and 'colleague' from the past) Why if it isn't Raphael.

Have you come to put an end to my darkness ?

Tatiana: (pointing gun at them without fear) Kill him and I will kill you all personally.

Raphael: In your condition, it wouldn't be a fair fight.

Ricardo: (coughs weakly and wheezes) Still a noble gentleman as ever. Tatiana dear, could you please put the gun away. Wouldn't want anyone losing an eye.

(laughing, coughs)

Tatiana: (places gun aside somewhere convenient just in case) Don't talk so much, my dove.

Ricardo: Forgive me, dear. But these people are old friends of mine and I'm reminiscing with them.

Tatiana: Exactly why did you come to see my love ?

Bella: We came to stop him from collaborating with the government. We were going to fight with him, actually (pause) in all honesty, Raphael was. We didn't know your husband's condition was this bad.

Ricardo: The price one must pay for Necromancy. It always comes back to haunt you in the end.

Raphael: Oh, old friend. Why didn't you listen to my advice when we were pupils ?

Ricardo: (coughing) I could never be like you. I wanted power. Control. Sadly, I have been consumed by corruption.

(Banging on the door)

Vince: The men in black are here.

Tatiana: If they try anything I swear…All of them are as good as dead.

Elise: (a bit scared) Reassuring to know.

William: (knocks door down) I see we've come a bit too late.

Raphael: In all actuality, you have. I tried telling you that Ricardo is dying. He's no good to you if he is gone.

Ricardo: Even if I wanted to give you my aid, gentlemen (coughing) in my condition, it would make no difference.

William: Pity. I will have to take your youngest from you, then. Deal's a deal, right ?

(CIA Agent grabs Carmella, who begins crying and wailing)

Elise: Be strong, Carmella.

Carmella: (whispers incantation)

William: Excuse me, who are you ?

Carmella: (rushing back to Bella)

Elise: (whispers to her) What did you do ?

Carmella: Just a simple spell.

CIA Agent 1: Could you kindly tell us exactly where we are, Miss ?

Tatiana: Of course. You're in the Ukraine, and you are not welcome. Kindly get out of my house before I decorate the streets with your blood.

CIA Agent 2: (calling over cell phone)

William: Since it seems we have outworn our welcome, I bid you adieu. Whoever you are.

(They are whisked away by helicopter and are silent for a moment.)

Vince: When did you learn how to do that, Carmella ?

Carmella: I watch dad and I got the idea from him. It came to me in the heat of the moment. I'm just sorry I couldn't do so earlier when the government came for us.

Bella: (stroking her hair) It's ok, Carmella, cookie. You did well.

(Soft classical music begins playing in the background)

Raphael: I suppose we can take our leave then. We shan't tarry any longer.

Tatiana: (reluctantly) I appreciate you keeping the wolf from the door. All sorts of freaks come here asking for Rico's help and he's in no condition to do so due to the dark sickness he bears. It's rather undignified.

Bella: Enemy or not, we help our own kind. We're united by the thread of sorcery.

Tatiana: True.

Raphael: And for whatever misdeeds he committed, they are forgiven from us.

Othellos: We pardon you.

Ricardo: (cough) Thank you. Though I doubt any pardon from you will gain me access to Paradise, at least I can die knowing that I bear no debt to you and we are as we once were so many years ago. (closes his eyes and finally passes away)

Tatiana: (weeping over him)

(sad theme plays)

(Shift scene. Othellos are shown respecting Ricardo's burial and Tatiana wearing traditional widow's clothes.)

Vince: (narrating) We had been through a whirlwind of events and it was difficult to tell if everything we had been through was a dream. But as soon as we arrived back home, it was as if nothing had ever happened, due to Carmella's incantation.

Scene 4--New Developments

(A more upbeat theme is playing in the background as Vince and his sisters head off to school.)

Vince: (narrating) Recently, we had gotten a letter from Tatiana. She has since met someone new and is dating him, happily. She seems to be so much more loving than she was when we first met her. But such was to be expected. We probably would've done the same thing if we thought our family was in danger.

Nevertheless, we couldn't be more pleased for her. Somehow, I feel that Ricardo had an appeal in heaven. Sure he did evil in this life, but he wasn't all that bad. My father told me so. He had been a good man up until the time Necromancy corrupted him. I feel the Creator, in His or Her wisdom, granted him pardon. (pause) It's a new semester at school. My final year in High School. Elise's in her last year of Middle School and Carmella is just in her last year of Elementary. I have a new brother or sister coming into the world. We agreed on naming him Ricardo if he were a male in honor of dad's friend from the past. I think Ricardo would've liked that. Nothing much changes here. We see and help those who need healing and our lives remain covert. We are happy to assist as many as we can. One day, it will be my duty to take over the Octagon Society and continue the tradition of healing.

For now, I simply enjoy the normalcy I can through education and the rituals of coming home, eating a family dinner together and playing a mean game of Clue against my sisters…and winning !

(All these things are shown in sequence before everything ends with some rather mystical sounding music. End credits.)