things that make me me and not anyone else:

I write. I wouldn't be Natalie Ann Miles if I didn't write. This is the center of my being. Of my soul.

I read for the sake of reading. So many people look at books as nothing these days. People read only because they have to, not because they want to. It's disgusting, in my eyes, and it's why teenagers are so dim-witted and, frankly, horribly idiotic. Reading opens the eyes in your mind and heart.

I also have the uncanny ability to tell if a book is good or not. I look first to see if I like the title, if it's different, new, and beautiful. Then, I pick it up and look at the cover to see if it catches my fancy. If I like the title and the cover, I read the summary. This is usually the point where I'll put a book down--it's almost sad how an entire book is dependant on just a few paragraphs. But if I like the summary, I open the book to a random page and see if I like the text and the way the words are shaped. Finally, I go to the very first page and read the very first sentence. If all these things satisfy me, then I buy it.

I discover most things by myself.

I enjoy my solitude so much that I am almost incapable of maintaining relationships with people. They think I'm pushing them away, but I just need time to myself.

I like a lot of people, but I rarely love them.

I also dislike a lot of people, but I rarely hate them.

I can point out people that I know I could fall in love with. These people include: Kelsey Foster, Alexis Martin, Johnny (forgot his last name), Dylan Poyser, and Erin Marie.

I'm picky about love, so therefore I have been single for the majority of my life.

I'm a virgin. And I think that I will be for a very long time. To me, sex is a hassle at my age and only causes upset and drama. And besides, no one really wants to have sex with me.

I am tall. Six feet. I love it and I hate it.

I have green eyes. Beautiful, blue-green eyes. They are the only thing about me that I can honestly say that I love and that I find attractive.

I'm honest about my flaws and I am coming to love them.

I believe that I am a true, genuine person. I may be a bitch, I may be two-faced, I may be hateful. But I am me.

I am also honest with other people about what I think and feel. This has often resulted in fights. But I won't lie for anyone's sake, no matter who you are. I promised myself that. Because I am tired of putting on a facade.

When I love a person, I love all of them.

I have guilty pleasures just like everyone else. I love cheesy, tear-jerking TV shows. I love anime (in moderation, because I only like the intelligent, well-drawn stuff). I love romance.

I love hats, but always lose them.

I misplace everything. I've lost my iPod about twenty times. I lose pens and pencils everyday. It doesn't matter how important it is--I've lost it.

I am easily hurt.

And I am not easily repaired.

I am the pickiest eater. Natalie has often remarked how she is amazed how much I eat, but how picky I am about what I eat.

I am open-minded, but at the same time, I'm very narrow-minded. It's odd.

And I'm Natalie, and one day this Natalie will be gone. And there will never be another Natalie quite like this.