Annie had just gotten registered as an independent business owner, and received her ID number. Now she was eligible for the benefits AmeriPlanUSA had to offer. That meant discounts on dental and medical services, as well as financial, automotive, and legal services, shopping, and identity protection.

Because the girl was an avid online shopper, she decided to browse the Cashback Saver program. Upon entering her ID number, she saw a page full of places she could shop at, and save big money on. Upon browsing the site, , 6pm, Gap, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy were just some of the familiar franchises she saw. They were all discounted by 5% to 80%.

Annie clicked a link to , which mentioned that certain clothes and shoes would be 80% off. It also indicated that she would get 2.10% of her money back. From there, she ended up on that company's website.

The girl searched the shoes section of the website and saw a pair of black N.D.C. Made By Hand Dianne shoes. She was thrilled to see that their original price of $388 was cut down to $77.50. The shipping price added $6.95. She bought the shoes.

Days later, Annie received a package in the mail. When she opened it, not only did she find her new Dianne shoes, but there was also a check for $1.77.

Wearing her new shoes, Annie visited the home of some of her friends. They all complimented her and wondered where she got them. Annie told them all about the discount programs that AmeriPlan offered, and how they saved her $310 on that one purchase.

Three days later, Annie received a check in the mail for $165.96 According to the attached note, two of her friends registered to be independent business owners, and the other bought a medical plan.

In AmeriPlan, people can earn money by helping people save money. With the economy the way it is now, who could ask for a better market, time, and product?

If you are interested in joining this business, or learning more about it, visit the website on my profile page or PM me.